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Steering Clear of Second Semester Setbacks

Second semester is your second chance to focus!

Diane Won

January 27, 2014

Steering Clear of Second Semester Setbacks
With one semester gone, half of the year has passed. All your efforts have conjured the grades of your first semester report card. Whether you earned the marks you desired, or not, you are likely too exhausted to care! As you enter second semester, concentrating on studies becomes difficult. Distractions spring up, snagging much needed academic attentions. Incapable of helping yourself, you unconsciously begin slacking off, failing a couple tests. The situation gradually worsens.

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The issue is that your motivation has been lost. Call me crazy, but look within yourself. Assess what is taking time away from school. Is your new relationship causing trouble? Or that latest show? Pep Talk

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A vital tip is to remember your purpose. Review your hopes as well as your dreams. Recall the reason why school exists. Spend some quality time with yourself. At times, isolation is extremely helpful. Reawaken your energy and vigor. Awful as it may seem, spend any extra time carefully looking over science notes, or reading your English book.

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Mull over the good aspects of life. Be Constructive One must know how to juggle priorities. ● Rate your level of industry. Are you using your time wisely, or are you wasting valuable minutes? For instance, procrastinating and stretching out leisure times are not considered productive. Of course, getting to work right away on a daunting workload is nearly an impossible task for many. Therefore, you must constantly battle yourself.
● Ration out estimated amounts of time necessary for each obligation. Note: this practice may take a couple of attempts to perfect. Say you want to have two hours left to do work in order to sleep at a comely hour. First, accomplish the work which usually consumes or requires less time. Undertake the subjects easier for you. Keep one eye on the clock, but do not work so swiftly that you end up missing parts of the assignment. Also, compose yourself as you work. ● Do not squander your time. Act smart, be smart. For you, time has become a precious commodity. Balance is key in such cases. The Work Method ● Dive into every task fully prepared and determined. ● Complete every duty with precision. ● Try to get ahead of your assignments rather than waiting. Or, perhaps you have no choice but to start some work later due to your lack of time. Keeping Your Cool 1. Controlling stress is important. So is overpowering anxiety. 2. Stay on top of things. 3. Rule school, not the other way around. Remember to track all events in addition to due dates. 4. Some relaxation is essential, yet school tasks are critical. 5. Do not be afraid of scheduling some fun for yourself. Sit back and listen to some music. Go outdoors if you need to. Watch comical videos. Just keep your plans under control. Your Pursuits, Gone to Fruition or Decay? Throw back to first semester. You survived the first months of the year. Only a couple more months remain until you receive a little leeway. Moreover, do not let first semester discourage you. Aim for the sky. BELIEVE. Even if you fell short the first semester, do not become a pessimist. In all honesty, I failed myself this semester. I reached high and tried so hard, yet I was just short of my goals. I still feel disappointed, not to mention, melancholy, but I know I must plunge myself into school thrice more- I cannot afford to laze around. Force yourself to focus on the present including the potential joys of later life only. Else further dissatisfaction will bombard you. I have to cheer myself up. Brooding over defeats only wears at energy, causing additional losses. Then I will become gloomy beyond all remedy. Second semester is your second chance. The least you can do is be productive with the next opportunity. Following my own advice, I will attempt different approaches to better my performance second semester. Yes, it is usually easier to slack off than it is to devote your heart and soul to school. School is torturous as well as challenging. Thus, you start to lose your academic life. Yet you cannot allow your grades to slip. School exists for your future success. In order to gain, an individual must learn to fight in order to earn. Therefore, push through! The reward for your seemingly endless suffering is just around the corner.

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