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Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

Learn how you can have a great spring break without going over budget.

Ariana Pugh

March 20, 2012

Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank
It’s finally March, and you’re totally pumped for a week off from classes to hit the warm weather. If college is anything like the Hollywood ideal, then it’s off to Mexico for some serious partying. Or it was, anyways, until you looked at your bank statement. Maybe you’re strapped for cash, or maybe cliché trips to the shore aren’t your style. No matter what your situation, here are some fun spring break activities that’ll keep you entertained without punching your wallet. If You’re Stuck At Home… You might think there’s nothing to do in your boring old town, or that you’ve done it all before, right? Think again. Every town has some famous thing it’s noted for, whether that’s the Golden Gate Bridge or the World’s Largest Peanut. Now’s your chance to remember what’s awesome about where you’re from. Go for the full tourist experience – grab your town’s signature dish and check out those famous landmarks you haven’t bothered checking out since your cousins came to town three years ago. Or check out the fun places you and your family used to go to as kids – the nearby zoo or park is a great place for a little nostalgia. If You’re Staying at School… Hear that sound? Glorious, glorious silence. Revel in it now, before everyone else comes back and you’re stuck dealing with dorm life again. But while it can get a tiny bit lonely all by yourself, this is a great opportunity to experience school from an outsider’s perspective. Get more spring break ideas on Fastweb. You know the best places to eat outside campus, but what about that diner that you’ve never actually gone to? You can always take the time to connect with anyone else staying there. Bonus: your school’s athletic facilities are probably empty right now. Go get the least self-conscious workout ever, or go frolic in the pool without getting yelled at by people doing laps. If You Want a Mini-Get Away… Even if you’re 400 miles from the nearest major city, a quick day trip to the next town over can be all you need to feel like you’ve gotten a new experience. Check out completely different restaurants, neighborhoods, and see new sights. Heck, even go to the mall where the stores are arranged in a different order than the one by you. For the price of a gallon of gas and maybe a night or two in a hotel, you can spend the weekend seeing fresh faces and feeling like you got away from the familiar for at least a few days. If You Have a Test the Day You Get Back… Isn’t college awesome? Take this time to study without the added stress and pressure of classes, but make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine, too! This is your chance to finally relax, so enjoy it!

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