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Spring Break Caribbean Escapes

Morro Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

February 18, 2011

Spring Break Caribbean Escapes

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While several islands make up the Bahamas, paradise can only be found on one – New Providence, which is home to Nassau and Paradise Island. Must-do: Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay Atlantis. While you probably can’t afford the $300 per night rooms at the resort, you can certainly splurge on their interactive dolphin exhibit. You can either watch the Dolphins all day in the Cay, swim with them in the shallow waters or experience the real life of dolphins in a deep water swim. Must-eat: If you love seafood, then you’ll want to experience Bahamian cuisine. Conch is a big part of the local diet and can be found standing alone as an entrée or within soups, salads and fritters. Another local “delicacy” to try is rock lobster. Must-see: While it will be hard to pull yourself from the Bahamian beaches, the Ardastra Zoo is well worth it. The zoo is home to 300 different species of mammals and exotic flora and fauna as well as a marching flamingo show that allows visitors to “mingle” with the birds after the show. Book your Bahamian spring break with STA Travel.

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