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Small Details Help Make Big College Decisions

If you look at your college decision as a puzzle to solve, your decision is all in the details of the pieces when trying to complete the big picture.

Jamie Vincent

February 26, 2014

Small Details Help Make Big College Decisions Small Details Help Make Big College Decisions

As college acceptance letters start to arrive, high school seniors will begin to make their final college decisions. It’s a tough decision to make and, as a result, there will undoubtedly be many students still trying to make up their minds.

While academics and affordability are easily the most important aspects of a college to consider, other details, such as student housing and campus activities, can help you to make a decision.

Below are some questions you may not have thought to ask of the colleges you are considering.

Student Housing:

1. Is on-campus housing available for all students?
2. What percentage of students live on campus?
3. Are students allowed to live off campus?
4. How expensive is off-campus housing likely to be?
5. Are there co-op houses?
6. What is the school’s policy on sororities and fraternities?


1. How expensive will it be to travel from home to campus?
2. Are all students allowed to have cars on campus?
3. Is transportation provided to nearby cities and other places of interest? 4. Is transportation inexpensive and easily accessible?
5. Is it easy to travel around campus on foot?
6. Are bicycles encouraged on campus?

Student Life:

1. What student clubs, organizations, and intramural teams exist?
2. Will you be encouraged to create one if you don’t find what you’re looking for?
3. Outside of clubs and organizations, what activities and social events are available for students?
4. Do students tend to leave campus on the weekends?
5. How heavily involved is the campus with its surrounding community?
6. What is this community like?
7. What is the female-to-male student ratio?
8. How diverse is the student population?
9. How close-knit is the campus community?

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