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Should Friends Become Roommates?

There’s no “right” answer, just varying opinions and debate on the question.

Mckenzie Nevins

April 21, 2015

Should Friends Become Roommates?
As you prepare to head off to college sometime in the near future, the roommate question might be forefront on your mind. If you’re going to the same school as another close friend, you may be wondering the same thing that I did before I left – should friends become roommates? I believe that, at least for the first year, friends becoming roommates can often be a good thing.

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Here’s why:
1. Having Somewhere to be Comfortable
When I arrived at college in January after a semester of study abroad, I’d chosen one of my closest friends from my trip as my roommate. This ended up being a very important decision for me. I suddenly found myself in a new place, surrounded by new people and new ways of doing things. Everything felt foreign, and, to an extent, uncomfortable.

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It was awesome to know that in my own room I could be myself without caring about a stranger’s opinion of me. I needed something familiar when everything else around me was changing.
2. Facing New Things Together

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When we arrived, my roommate and I were both on the same page and already knew each other’s worries, fears, and personalities. Because of this, we were able to encourage each other in a deeper way as we faced one new experience after another. This was extremely valuable to me during the transition.
3. Working Well Together
My roommate and I had also already seen each other in many different situations, and so we knew that we worked well together. In the often-stressful first weeks of college, it was good to know that she wasn’t the kind of person to get angry at me when I became stressed out. We both also have similar sleep schedules, which was probably the most important thing for me when choosing a roommate. I knew that when I wanted to go to bed early, she wouldn’t be leaving lights on and making noise at all hours of the night. Two other friends of ours who decided to room together are both messy people, and so they worked well together because neither of them felt like they had to clean up for the other one. They both knew this before hand, and it was one of the reasons that they chose to room together. They felt that they could be comfortable around one another. However, I’m fully aware that my opinion is not the truth in all situations. This is what I have experienced, but I know that strangers who end up rooming together can become the best of friends through the experience, and old friends can end up being awful roommates to each other. As long as you make sure to take into account your needs and personality, as well as those of your friend, you should be able to make an educated guess as to whether or not you two would be compatible as roommates. Be realistic and then make the best decision for both of you!

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