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Second Semester Start-up

Successfully kick-start your second semester with a little extra effort.

Brandon Huffman

January 22, 2013

Second Semester Start-up
Let’s face it, for many students, the holidays are one of the best times of the year, behind summer of course, because we all get to sleep in, play games we haven’t for a while or the new ones we just got, hang out with our friends, see a few movies, and not worry about the stress of school for two weeks. It couldn't get any better, right? Well, all good things must end, it is the same with the holiday break: it ends. We all get into a new routine of staying up later, getting up later, and then, before we know it, we have to get up at six or seven and break the short–but sweet‒routine we quickly settled into. After this break, it seems like it’s harder to get up in the morning, it’s harder to focus on school, and senioritis kicks in for everybody.

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Is there any way we can break this constant longing for the weekend, the next day off, or even the next break? There is, if you just put some effort into it. There are a few things you can do if you want to better survive the second half of your school year: Force Yourself to Get Back Into Your Routine–

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Almost no one has to get up really early during break for work or for another activity, so there’s more reason and excuse to stay up later. That can throw off your balance and system of sleep when you actually do have to go back to school, so one thing you can do is to make sure you are off the computer at a reasonable hour and try to be in bed so you are in the mindset of sleep.
Then, even though it’s difficult, turn everything off sooner than you usually would. This will make you lie in bed and try to sleep.

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It may take a while because your body is used to going to sleep later but, in a week or two, you’ll be back into a good sleep routine so you don’t look and feel like a zombie the next day. Set Your Alarm Earlier– Now, before you get angry at me for suggesting the unthinkable, hear me out. We all know the snooze button is both our best friend and worst enemy and, if we set our alarm earlier, we can get to know our friend better. Getting back to seriousness, getting up early is one of, if not possible the worst thing about school, but if you set an alarm earlier, then you have a longer period of time to get yourself out of the zombie state and energize to get your mind on doing well in school. I’m not talking about half an hour to an hour, but 10-15 minutes should help you out a lot more than you may think. Eat a breakfast that fills you up– I know how cliché this sounds and I understand that every teacher and advice-giver says the same exact thing, but there’s a reason for that: it actually works. If you are full on a good breakfast, you may not be clock-watching (quite as much) to see how far away lunch is, falling asleep because you’re hungry, or going to the nurse because your empty-stomach is making you nauseous. Eating may take a few minutes out of your morning but it is worth it, believe me. These are just a few tips, they may or may not work for you, but they’re good to try to get you out of the post-holiday struggle.
Do you have any tips that kick-start your routine?

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