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School & Your Part-Time Job

You just have to find the perfect balance for yourself, and then you’ll be on track to making good grades and making money!

Bailey Vannatta

December 15, 2014

School & Your Part-Time Job
Some may think that a part-time job will get in the way of their academic success. While this can be true, it isn't always. You just have to find the perfect balance for yourself, and then you’ll be on track to making good grades and making money!
1. Talk With Your Boss and Teachers About Your Schedule

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The best start to a perfect balance is communication. When starting a part-time job, it is important to build a good relationship with your boss. Make sure they understand your scheduling conflicts so that there are no misunderstandings in the future. When I started my first job, I let my boss know how involved I was in both academics and extracurriculars. If I needed a day off for anything school related, all I had to do was go to him and ask. While it may seem intimidating, you won’t be able to balance if your boss doesn't know your school schedule. Another talk you need to have is with your teachers. Make sure they understand that you have the responsibility of having a part-time job. Many teachers are understanding. If you have work and you cannot meet a certain deadline, communicate. They may extend the deadline for you, you never know. Remember, it’s important to do this as soon as you’re able in order to ensure they don’t think you’re making up last minute excuses.
2. School Always Comes First
One good rule of thumb I always follow: school always comes first. Maybe you’re frustrated that you have a school project to work on this week and have to take off many days, so your paycheck will be short. Do not put the project off just so you can work! If you start to put your job before your academics, you will start to fall into a bad place of procrastination and bad grades. School should always come first, because school determines your future. Make sure you’re making the best decisions for your education.
3. Use a Planner to Create a Schedule
I cannot tell you how useful a planner is, especially for the forgetful mind. Most likely, your school and work schedules will be very different, so this will help you keep balance. Write out your work schedule and then decide when you need to do your school assignments to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. It is best to do the biggest assignments on days you have off, so you can make the most of the time you have.
4. Don’t Plan on Things Being Easy
Depending on your course load, and your work schedule, sometimes balancing can become very difficult. Sometimes you won’t feel like you have any time for anything except school and work, but, remember, hopefully your hard work will all payoff one day. For now just try to make the best of it!

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