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Scholarship "Support Groups"

Scholarship searches don’t have to be a lonely process.

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 05, 2012

Scholarship "Support Groups"
Do you ever get frustrated with the scholarship search? Of course you do, you’re human. You know there are a ton of scholarships out there, but sometimes you need a little support. It’s OK–we've all been there. Scholarship searches don’t have to be a lonely process. Have you ever thought about creating a scholarship club at your school? It may be easier and more beneficial than you think. We've put together a how-to guide to make it fast and simple for you to create a scholarship club at your school, to work with other students who have similar goals of finding scholarships, as well as your guidance counselor who can help you along in the process. Think of it as a scholarship support group, tailored to help your scholarship application anxieties and improve the entire process for all of you.

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It’s best to start your scholarship search as early as possible, and search as often as you can. That being said, adding more students to aid one another in the search will maximize results. Don’t be concerned that bringing your peers together in a scholarship club will lessen your chances of gaining a scholarship. A few students at your school are absolutely no comparison to competing with students on a national level.

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Additionally, the benefits of helping one another find new opportunities, look over each other’s applications and gain new insights that you may not have had otherwise far outweighs the slight risk that the several students in your established club would become finalists for the same scholarship. There are even scholarships that groups qualify for, which your guidance counselor will be able to help the club find or the club will be able to look up on Fastweb.

Here are some ideas of activities to utilize within your scholarship club:

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• Aid one another with searches, applications and editing essays
• Ask previous scholarship winners to mentor the club members
• Ask the school faculty to provide comments on club member’s essays and applications
• Work together with club members to make sure everyone’s social media information is appropriate (scholarship providers often review this when considering finalists)

Scholarship workshops can be very beneficial, especially if you’re not very familiar with the entire search process from start to finish. Talk to your guidance counselor about holding scholarship workshops, since winning scholarships is always a combination between skill andluck. Your guidance counselor can hold workshops on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

• Searching for scholarships (either online or through other forms of research)
• Covering the basics: how-to apply for scholarships
• Resume-building
• Writing your personal statement
• Essay writing
• Exploring and articulating your accomplishments
• Business attire and etiquette
• Interview skills and practice
• Scholarship taxability
• Scholarship scam awareness
• Application 101
• Application mistakes
• Drafting thank-you letters

Once you bring a scholarship club together, you’ll all be better more prepared and on the right track to scholarship search success.
It’s always important to keep in mind, that the more scholarships you apply for, the better your odds. But, always remember, you can’t win if you don’t apply.

Do you have a scholarship club at your school? Would you consider starting one now?

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