Student Life

Saying Our Goodbyes

June 05, 2007

By the time this blog posts, I will officially be a college graduate! The event I've been talking about forever will have finally happened -- and it's starting to hit me. The reality will be even harsher when I wake up that fateful August move-in day later this year, only to remember I'm no longer at Hofstra... I'm getting sad just thinking about it. There are a lot of adjustments I need to prepare myself for. But recently, I've been more focused on tying up loose ends, savoring the little time I have left here and saying my goodbyes.
Leaving my last-ever class as an undergraduate, I realized that I will really miss my professors, advisers and even my supervisors, both at work and in my position as a resident assistant. What I'll miss most is the positive feedback and the mentorship they provided. Professors can be annoying and can run you into the ground with work. But they can also challenge you in ways that you've never been challenged before and are often there when you need them the most. It's so nice to be able to walk down the hallway and have a professor inquire about your job search or reinforce that you're a good student and ultimately, a good person. So many students take their professors for granted, but their work should never go unnoticed. That's why I took the time to write some thank you notes and stuck them in my professors' mailboxes. I hope that more of my classmates have done the same. I mean, how cool is it that such incredibly smart people are disseminating their knowledge to you -- and making sure it soaks in. Each of my professors has helped shape me, little by little, and I'm so grateful for it. So if you're in my shoes, congrats on your college graduation! But if not, maybe you've reached another milestone -- and congrats on that too! Savor it, because you've truly earned it. Whether you are leaving a job that you love or a class you enjoyed, wrapping up high school or moving out on your own for the first time, take a minute to give thanks to those who helped you along the way. It will probably make them feel great and make you feel good in return.