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Save Money: Amazon Gets Into the Textbook Rental Business

Amazon offers new textbook rental service.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 10, 2012

Save Money: Amazon Gets Into the Textbook Rental Business
This year, skip the lines and the prices at the high school or campus bookstore. Opt instead for a more virtual, albeit less expensive, textbook rental experience. On August 6, announced that it would be getting into the market of textbook rentals. That’s right, the company best known now for e-books and Kindle is going old school for Back to School. And it sounds like that’s what a majority of students prefer. In a recent survey of Fastweb members, we found that, though e-books and e-magazines may be rising in popularity, only 41% of students indicated that they would be purchasing electronic textbooks for the school year – and that the number of e-textbooks being purchased was being limited to one or two. The rest, Fastweb members said, would be real, honest-to-goodness textbooks.

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Amazon hopes to capitalize on this with their new textbook rental service, opening just in time for Back to School. According to a press release issued by Amazon, students will be able to “choose from thousands of textbooks to rent for the semester and save up to 70%” and student will be allowed to keep the textbooks for 130 days, as reported by TechCrunch. Furthermore, students will qualify for free shipping with orders over $25 as well as Prime Free two-day shipping. These benefits are available under Amazon Student, a free membership program from the site exclusively for students. To be eligible, students must simply register with an .edu email address. Get more information at Amazon Student. Are you renting or buying textbooks this year?

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