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Reprioritizing College Applications

We shall not rest until sometime in early January, when the last “Submit” button has been pressed.

Jamie Vincent

August 26, 2013

Reprioritizing College Applications
My summer to-do list consisted of: pruning through my college selections until I had a tidy, finalized list of top college choices; visiting said colleges to get a feel for the campus (you know, during all those summer weekends I would have open for spur-of-the-moment college road trips—the kind where you and five of your friends get permission to pile into a parent’s shiny car with nothing but a few backpacks and a road map and drive off into the great unknown, just like in the movies); and finally, releasing that creative energy that has been pooling within me for the past seventeen-and-a-half years into the form of the most brilliant and inspiring college admissions essay the academic world has ever known. Basically, the plan was to have everything ready for applications, so that when the 2013-2014 Common App popped into online existence I would be able to have those applications sent out before school even started.

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Naturally, stuff happened. My friends and I couldn't plan a college road trip. Rather than finalizing my college list, I only seemed to add more “maybes”— don’t let the colleges know that those piles of letters and pamphlets they send out actually help recruit students. And I still haven’t started that essay—the very thought of it intimidates me.
The Common App has been up for a few weeks now, and I am no closer to sending out my applications than I was in late June.

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I feel like I am back at square one—or, rather, that I never left it. And so I suppose now is the time to talk about refocusing and reorganizing. Still haven’t started that essay, researched those colleges or given a thought to much of anything all summer? Good! Join me, all you slackers and procrastinators—don your armor and stock up on Red Bull and we shall survive the coming months of frenzied essay writing and form-completion together! We shall not rest until sometime in early January, when the last “Submit” button has been pressed. My New To-Do List: September: Compose and polish my mind-staggering admissions essay (watch out, world). October: Submit my Early Action application, and begin on all the rest. January: Hit the last “submit” button. January-April: Wait in a state of increasing, stomach-twisting anxiety until the acceptances and rejections come in (let’s hope for more of the former than the latter).

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