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Recent College Grad? 10 Best Cities to Start Your Career

Still looking for an entry-level job? Try one of these 10 cities.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 14, 2011

Recent College Grad? 10 Best Cities to Start Your Career
In January of this year, the International Business Times reported that the average job search was taking roughly eight months. For those of you that graduated in May, it could mean that you don’t necessarily land your first “official” job until January. But if you want to speed up the job search, you may want to look in one of the top 10 best cities for recent college graduates. These cities were determined by and “based on the ranking of the U.S. cities with the highest concentration of people ages 20-24, an inventory of jobs requiring less than one year of experience, and the average cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment,” according to So brush up your resume, fill up the tank and pack a suitcase or two. You’ve got some interviews on the road coming up!

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10. St. Louis Unemployment rate: 8.8% -- slightly lower than national average of 9.1% Average entry-level salary: $40,000

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Rent: Average 1-bedroom costs $535 Major employers: BJC HealthCare, Wells Fargo Advisors, Edward Jones and Express Scripts, Inc, all of which are headquartered in St. Louis 9. Atlanta Unemployment rate: 10.3% Average entry-level salary: $43,000 Rent: Average 1-bedroom costs $780 Major employers: The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and IBM.

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