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Race to the Future via the College Fair

You are not limited to be slumped at your PC researching madly for hours!

Diane Won

August 26, 2013

Race to the Future via the College Fair
Look beyond now-drop by the next college fair coming up! It is always recommended that you attend a college fair, at least once. I have heard, not to mention, seen this advice approximately fifty times-literally. Even if you are tired and wary of encountering material about college fairs, you should UNDOUBTEDLY heed that advice.

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All are welcomed; whether you are completely new to the realm of universities, or a high school senior, just wondering where to go after high school. College fairs are meant to resolve the many mysteries involving college. Moreover, these fairs provide introductions to different schools that you may take an interest in, allowing you to assess your options, in addition to broadening your chances of admission to the school of your choice. It is at a college fair that you can talk face-to-face with an abundant quantity of college officials, where you can discuss anything you would like.

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For example, you can ask general questions about a school’s admissions criteria. Feel free to speak your mind; only restrict yourself from making crude comments. The exception to colleges? Institutions such as the military are almost always present at college fairs as well. You are not limited to be slumped at your PC researching madly for hours. At a college fair, you can talk to genuine individuals who can respond to your specific queries directly on the spot.

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Your chances of acceptance will spike at a college fair not merely due to the queries you are making, but if you long to show how much you care for the establishment of your desires, college fairs can help you accomplish that feat. These fairs enable you to express your ample level of enthusiasm to enroll at the university of your dreams. Select colleges even carry out short interviews with fervent participants. College fairs are also seen as fun, social gatherings that can be checked out with friends. Despite the fact that your buddies may distract you…if you would rather fly solo, by all means, do so. Furthermore, college fairs are held frequently, usually in public, open locations. These fairs are often set up at schools. One college fair I went to was initiated by a popular Christian church. To find a nearby college fair, you can refer to a high school counselor, online listings, or a town newspaper. It shouldn't be too difficult to unearth a college fair within your community. A couple preparations to keep in mind prior to your journey to the local college fair:
1. Q&A Form a few basic questions on concepts you are confused about. Jot down your inquiries and do not forget to take those along with you on your smart phone or on a miniature pad of paper. 2. Take Notes Note taking is an essential part of going to a college fair. What's the point of asking questions and learning about the schools if you're going to forget it all once you walk out the door? 3. Bag for Swag Fetch a bag to manage the giant load of paraphernalia you will be given. 4. Looks Matter Consider your appearance in conjunction with your attitude. Fix yourself up a little. Do not dress too casually. You don't want to give off a faulty first impression. 5. Map Your Route Not all college fairs are structured alike. One fair may have tables rather than stalls, some colleges and associations may not be available at one fair, though accounted for in another. So you have arrived…you stand jostled amid a whirlwind of booths laden with representatives along with brochures for multiple universities and organizations. Where to start? Note: Please do not act as I did on my first excursion to a college fair. I balked, visited random stands, overlooked various stands, and I did not make any inquiries. In short, spend your time wisely. The fair is almost certain to be jam-packed; there is bound to be a great many bodies you must maneuver around, therefore, attempt to maintain an air of grace. Aside to avoiding potential collisions with booths or beings, it would be best to begin at the stand closest to you. That stand can be a starting point, and from there you can just visit each stall. If the fair is spread over a wider expanse, do not get lost. Mark that first stall you come across. Try not to skip a bunch of stalls; open your mind to possibilities. Else you might regret it later…you never know what can attract you later on in the unpredictable duration of your life. Stop by as many stalls that you have time for. If you are a sluggish busy-bee all too willing to avoid the crowds like me, do not fret! You can immerse yourself in a virtual college fair. One major site for online college fairs is CollegeWeekLive, a site in which major companies like the CollegeBoard secure happenings. A virtual college fair is a college fair minus the hassle of leaving your home. You simply put together an account with a site similar to CollegeWeekLive, then proceed to sign up for the actual cyber fairs. Likewise, you can contact the schools you wish to learn more about in your own time. You can chat live with admissions officers as well as representatives the same as you can at a college fair outside of your residence. These assemblies are seeing-eyes for your near future as an adult. What better method to evaluate the prospects stretching before you than to easily take part in a college fair, offline or online, to satisfy your bafflement regarding college? Skedaddle to a college fair ASAP. After all, college fairs are indeed teeming with knowledge, opportunities, and so much more.

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