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Productive Holiday Break Ideas

Winter break is the perfect time for students to get organized on their schoolwork and take a deeper look into colleges and scholarships.

Christina Alfaro

November 14, 2014

Productive Holiday Break Ideas
I think I speak for many when I say November, December, and January are the best months of the school year when students finally get a break from the late nights spent studying and cramming for final exams. Holiday break comes as a welcome reward after the stressful weeks of taking final exams, completing college applications and standardized exams like the SAT/ACT and PSAT. Although, that does not go to say winter break is the time to disregard all school related tasks, either.

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Winter break is the perfect time for students to get organized on their schoolwork and take a deeper look into colleges and scholarships.

College Research

During your free time, it doesn't hurt to start on a little research of what you want to major in, what colleges offer this major, and what you can do to work towards that. Create lists of questions about each college you may have or pros and cons so you can compare colleges to one another.

Scholarship Applications

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Take some time to work on scholarship application essays or submit scholarship applications you’ve been saving until you have some free time. Holiday break is your free time!

Community Service

It’s also a great idea to spend free time on community service. During the holidays (and throughout the year) there are endless ways to help out in your community such as feeding the homeless, volunteering at animal shelters, and much more. Not only are these a self-rewarding activities, because you are bringing aid and happiness into another’s life, you will also be adding up hours of community service that look great on college applications. It’s a win-win situation.


Reading is always a great past time to take up, not just over winter break. With the constant schoolwork and extracurricular activities keeping students busy during the school year, speaking first hand, it’s difficult to find the time and energy to sit down and read a book on your own. With nearly four weeks off school, it’s a perfect time to catch up on reading.


For those financially capable, traveling is always great to do over break. Getting to see the world around you is such a great and rewarding experience for all ages. Traveling offers high school students great life experience and could come with lessons that will carry on with you. Not only this, it’s important to educate yourself and see that there is so much more beyond your own world. Even if it’s simply a road trip – traveling is fun and exciting. It’s also a great way to look at prospective colleges!


Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and treat yourself over break. School can get stressful at times and I’m sure all students agree they’ve earned some time to keep their mind off of school for a while.


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