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Planning Your High School Graduation Party

Start by determining these three key factors and plan your event from there.

Riley Harrison

February 16, 2016

Planning Your High School Graduation Party
If you’re a senior, there comes a point in the year that everyone starts talking about graduation: announcements and parties, senior trips, grad night and everything else exciting that comes along with the end of senior year. But, amidst all of the excitement, there’s a bit of a down side: graduation parties are often expensive, especially if you’re like me and have to host somewhere other than your house. The good news is they don’t need to be!
Here is your guide to making your graduation party both fun and affordable:

1. Find a Venue

At first, it may seem amazing to have a grad party at a well-known spot, but there are tons of other options. Think about places that would be great for hosting any kind of event.
Consider the size of the party and whether or not you’d prefer to have it outdoors or inside? For example, if you’re looking for the great outdoors, how about a local golf course? Keep in mind that you’re looking for an atmosphere where people will be able to sit down, too. Work on brainstorming and researching places with banquet rooms, halls or buildings used for conferences.

2. Food

The cheapest option for food is a potluck. If you are inviting lots of people to a grad party, the best thing to do is tell everyone on the invitation to bring a dish to share. This way you are not paying for full-blown catering or cooking for everyone at the event. At some venues, if you choose to use their catering service or chef, they will waive the venue rental fee or cut down the cost. Always make sure to ask about this option!

3. Decorations

Do you want a graduation party with your 2016 class colors? Do you want a photo booth? There are so many decoration options. For this feat alone, Pinterest is your new best friend! No matter where you hold a grad party, the decorations will make the place look fabulous. These days, photo booths are popular for special events. The less expensive thing to do is create your own! There are great resources on the web (see: Pinterest) that give you great inspiration to create homemade photo booths, props and more. Don’t forget to get festive about your future! Hang up streamers, place fun tablecloths, and make collages of photos that show how far you’ve come – they’re a fun way for people at the party to look back on memories and share them together. No matter what you choose to do, there are so many options and ideas to have a fantastic graduation party. There is nothing like celebrating the accomplishment of graduating high school and you’ll remember your high school graduation party for years to come!

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