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Parents Use Tracking Device on Spring Break

Parents can track every movement on spring break.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

February 24, 2011

Parents Use Tracking Device on Spring Break
The last thing you want is your Dad reading your diary, but how would you feel about your parents tracking your every move on spring break? Now, they can with a new tracking device from SecuraPAL, according to While the concept seems intrusive, the device actually serves as a way for parents to find their spring breaker if they are in trouble. Though it does track every move, there is a special feature that will help parents, and therefore the proper authorities, to respond in a situation where you might be in trouble. This feature, the SOS alert key, sends a distress signal straight to your parents mobile phone or email when pressed – whether you’re spring breaking in Panama City Beach or Barbados. Got any spring break plans? Get your break on with our top picks for destinations.

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The SecuraPAL uses global positioning networks as well as mobile phone networks to pinpoint your location, which is then sent to your parents automatically or on-demand.

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The SecuraPAL device costs $157.78 with monthly plans that begin at $18.88 per month. However, your parents can actually rent the device on a day-to-day basis. To rent the device costs just $19.99 and requires a $10 per day rental plan payment. To get more info on the SecuraPAL tracking device, click here.

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