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Navigating College Fairs

If navigated properly, these events can help tremendously to obtain necessary college information and become acquainted with new aspects of schools.

Francesca Kavalir

December 04, 2014

Navigating College Fairs Navigating College Fairs

Weighing the pros and cons of just one college can be a source of overbearing stress.

Luckily, some intelligent organizers decided to take the numerous stresses associated with individual schools and conglomerate their information in a loud and confusing festival: the college fair.

College fairs often receive a bad reputation for this overwhelming nature and for not offering much insight to each school. However, if navigated properly, these events can help tremendously to obtain necessary college information and become acquainted with new aspects of schools.

Do Your Research

One of the most essential actions to take in order to make a college fair productive is to research schools beforehand. Simply looking up the fair’s colleges and universities online will eliminate schools that are far off the spectrum of what you need based on basic facts like location, available activities and general academic rating. Figure out which of the schools appeal to you the most and write down specific questions to ask their representatives.

Make a Plan

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. As tempting as that one booth’s key chains and stickers might look, spending too much time there will leave you facing a never-ending line at the college table you wanted to visit.

Compile a list of schools arranged by how important it is to talk to each one. Then, order any questions you might have for the representatives. After completing the necessary rounds, feel free to roam.

Speak Up

Don’t just grab the papers littered across each table and call it a day; you can get that spam in your mailbox, and it just builds up to a distracting mountain of pamphlets. Instead, actually talk to the representatives there.

The people at each booth are often undergraduates, graduates or admission counselors, all of whom are valuable resources to prospective students.

Ask the specific questions that you wrote down, followed by more general ones to get a feel for each school.

Stay Open to New Possibilities

Although choosing priority schools beforehand is a great idea, do not let the pre-made decisions become limitations. College fairs are ideal places to uncover hidden gems, schools previously unknown to you that turn out to be perfect fits.

Students preferring small schools especially can benefit from searching for these colleges.

Like any other pre-college experience, college fairs are what you make them! Put some thought into how you approach these events, and you’ll be rewarded.

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