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Minnesota Offers Helpful College Planning App

Other states might want to take a lesson from Minnesota.

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 22, 2013

Minnesota Offers Helpful College Planning App
Other states might want to take a lesson from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Impressively up with the times, the state is now offering prospective college students a college planning application, which is available via phones and tablets on Facebook or as a mobile application. Within the application, a toolkit is available to students to browse college options in Minnesota in addition to aiding students in the process of preparing to apply and applying to college. Plus, it's much easier to use than the recent College Scorecard released by President Obama.

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Special features students will find especially useful include the College Planner and the Task List. The College Planner allows students to browse Minnesota colleges, which can be sorted by size, location, price and major. In addition, students are able to set up campus visits and track their favorite schools.

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The Task List allows students to begin planning and staying on the college track from as early as 8th grade. The Task List will keep track of and remind students of important upcoming events such as SAT/ACT testing, when it’s time to fill out FAFSA forms and important deadline reminders for the application process. All of the data and information obtained by the application remains on a secure server to maintain the privacy of students. Since the application process can be overwhelming and confusing, this type of application can be very helpful for students to stay organized and on the right track in terms of financial aid, testing and the college application process.

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If interested in using Minnesota’s application, students can use their phone to visit the application web site here to download the College Planner. Imagine if all states adopted this useful tool – it would revolutionize the entire application process, making it easier for students and their families to keep track of their goals within the college admissions process. Hopefully, this is the start of something nationwide.

If all states adopted this type of application, would you utilize it?

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