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Meet The 2021-22 Fastweb Student-Writer Team

One of the best ways to learn is by doing.

Shawna Newman

September 10, 2021

Each Year Fastweb Provides several students, both high school and college, a platform to share their voice, experiences and advice.
Meet The 2021-22 Fastweb Student-Writer Team
One of the best ways to learn is by doing, and each year the Fastweb student contributor team is doing just that. Our student contributor team consists of real students, both high school and college, that are willing to share their experiences with their peers. The 2021-22 Student Contributor team is sharing their knowledge by providing their latest ideas and offering support with their voices. We are proud to introduce Fastweb’s 10th annual, 2021-2022 student contributor team. This team focuses on relevant student-focused issues such as the college applications and admissions processes and applying for scholarships, as well as daily high school, college, and graduate student life topics.
Adding to their perspectives and experiences, this group of students has journeyed through unforeseen educational times. From standardized testing changes and managing coursework to completing or renewing their FAFSA—all during a global pandemic—they are offering Fastweb readers a first-hand narrative of the current educational landscape. Fastweb’s editorial team is honored to give these students, also Fastweb users, a platform to share their advice with fellow students and parents. Meet our new (and returning) student contributor team below: Welcome Back - Mary Bellm: Truman State University, Senior Read Mary’s first article of the season, First Day of College? No Problem!.
Welcome Back - Charles Schnell: Emory University, Sophomore Read Charles’ first article of the season, Six Ways to Start Your First Year of College Off Right. Welcome Back - Jasmin Kaur: University of Dallas, Sophomore Read Jasmin’s first article of the season, The Last Battle: Senior Year.
Welcome Back - Alondra Arevalo, Colony High School, Senior Read Alondra’s first article of the season, Making the Most of Your Junior Year in High School. Welcome Back - Aleena Islam: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Freshman Read Aleena’s first article of the season, The Art of Productive Note Taking. Piper Megellas, Reeds Spring High School, Junior Read Piper’s first article, Ten Brilliant Back-to-School Hacks for Students. Jason Manuel Macaranas, University of California - Merced, Freshman Read Jason’s first article, How to Push Through Scholarship Rejection, Continue to Apply. Rachel Lechwar, Florida State University, Sophomore Read Rachel’s first article, The College-Decision Process from the Perspective of an Indecisive Student. Allison Willrich, Whittier College, Junior Read Allison’s first article, College-Visit Tips From a Campus Tour Guide.

How You Can Be a 2021-2022 Student Writer

Each July, the opportunity to apply to the Fastweb Student Contributor team is extended to Fastweb members with listed career interests like creative writing, journalism, news media, publishing and related fields. We receive a high volume of student responses every year. Be sure to be on the lookout if you are interested in the 2022-2023 Student Contributor season. Our diverse team consists of students from all sorts of backgrounds, different ages, races and ethnicities. Just as no Fastweb member is alike, no student contributor is either! And, they are all Fastweb members, just like you. We also encourage you, the Fastweb reader, to find a student contributor’s voice you relate to and check back on their articles throughout the academic school year. If there are any additional topics, you’d like for our student team to cover, please comment to share your suggestions below!

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