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Mark Kantrowitz’s Secrets to Winning a Scholarship a Huge Success

March 21, 2011

Mark Kantrowitz’s Secrets to Winning a Scholarship a Huge Success
Mark Kantrowitz is known throughout the Fastweb community and the country as the expert on all things relating to financial aid. Everyone looks to him for advice – from Fastweb members to Congressmen on Capitol Hill. On February 8th, Kantrowitz provided his latest insights in his new book, Secrets to Winning a Scholarship. Since then, the book has not only made the Amazon bestseller financial aid eBook list, but it has claimed the #1 spot for five straight weeks. The paperback has also reached #105 among all books and within the top #100 in both non-fiction and reference categories – a huge accomplishment. Outside of this obvious success, Kantrowitz has received highly acclaimed praise from various sources, including Michelle Singletary from The Washington Post. She has named Secrets to Winning a Scholarship as this month’s selection for the Color of Money Book Club, a book club that stems from Singletary’s own personal finance column which runs in 120 newspapers across the country. Get Kantro's 12 tips on winning a scholarship. Singletary touts Kantrowitz’s book as not only a book with winning scholarship strategies but as a “reality check” for parents and students who have deluded themselves into thinking that a scholarship is an easy thing to come by. As part of being an official selection for the Color of Money Book Club, Kantrowitz will be participating in a live online discussion with Singletary and her followers on March 24th at noon, Eastern Standard Time. Kantrowitz says, "I wrote Secrets to Winning a Scholarship to help families find and win scholarships. The book has insights and advice available nowhere else, such as tips on how to double the number of scholarship matches and win more scholarships." And other sources agree – it’s a crucial tool for any student or family going through the scholarship search process. Reuters reports that Secrets to Winning a Scholarship is “required reading for anyone interested in reducing their expected debt load.” Lynn O’Shaughnessy of U.S. News & World Report calls Kantrowitz’s book a “handy resource…[for] winning private scholarships.” Suze Orman says, “in this book he delivers clear advice on exactly what you need to do (and not do!) to increase your odds of landing a scholarship...what are you waiting for?” So what are you waiting for? The book is available exclusively on Amazon for $9.95 and in eBook format for $5.95. Get the book now.

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