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Making YOUR Final College Decision

While you should consider all aspects within your college decision, ensure the decision is yours - and yours alone.

Riley Harrison

April 05, 2016

Making YOUR Final College Decision
May first is quickly approaching and the countdown to graduation has begun for seniors. One question remains: which college to choose? While there are lots of aspects to consider when making the final May first decision, you have to make the decision for YOU, and not for anyone else.

Think about what you like about the school

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It’s hard to think about your options when you constantly have family, friends, teachers, and even strangers giving their opinions on all things college. When it comes to deciding, you have to be sure to consider all the aspects.
Are you going to pick this school because YOU like where it is or because your sister likes the location? Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you sort out your own opinions from others’ opinions.

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ANY school is a GOOD school

Remember that wherever you go will be the right choice for you. I know that the pressure is building up at this time of the college process; you just have to keep in mind that whatever school you choose will be a good school for you. Sometimes, people make it sound like the Ivy Leagues are at the top of the list, but that’s not true at all. Everyone is looking for something different so choose based on what you think is right and not based solely on the name or reputation.

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Follow the timeline

Once you make a choice, make sure to follow that college’s timeline. Secure your spot with the deposit, finalize and confirm your financial aid, and submit housing application if you plan to live on campus. No matter where you end up going, whether a state college, Ivy League, or community college, all options are good options if you choose what is truly right for YOU. Make your decision based on your own pros and cons and not on anyone else’s.

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