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Making the Rounds to Find the Perfect College

Deciding which college to attend is incredibly challenging. In order to narrow down your list, you ought to make visits to the campuses you are interested in.

Diane Won

May 08, 2014

Making the Rounds to Find the Perfect College
Deciding which college to attend is incredibly challenging. In order to narrow down your list, you ought to make visits to the campuses you are interested in. In this way, one is able to develop tangible opinions regarding the factors that matter - the school’s layout, emotional as well as physical appeal and social atmosphere. Yet, there is a proper procedure for visiting campuses. Here’s a guide on how to approach your visits:

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Step 1: It’s all about timing.

The right time to visit universities is when classes are in session. Check the websites to ensure that you are not dropping by on some kind of vacation. Swing by during breaks as long as the school’s breaks do not coincide with yours. Even better, use your summer break to visit colleges during summer sessions.

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Schedule a tour! Otherwise, you will bumble around as a fool does. Scheduling online is the most common way but calling the office, which handles the tours, works, too. Usually the school’s Student Services Department manages the tours.

Step 2: Be prepared.

Remember to pack certain necessities for your campus visits and tours.

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● Camera
Wouldn’t you want to snap some photos? Capture the best aspects of the school with your own hands. Take photos so that you can relish and remember what you treasured most once you leave campus. ● Comfortable (but appropriate) clothes and shoes
Wear clothes you can easily move around in. Also, dress for the weather so you can enjoy your tour.
Moreover, tours involve much walking around the institution so pack your walking shoes! However, wear what is suitable for the occasion. You are on the tour to learn about a university, to interact with school officials and fellow students about your path to higher education. Therefore, dress properly! ● Money
Should you desire a few goodies from the school gift shop or some food for your trek, it is convenient to have some money handy, just in case. ● Something to take notes
Whether it’s your phone or a notepad, jot down some key information you hear on the tour whenever you can. Pay attention to everything the tour guide says. ● Sun block
On a hot day, you would not want to be without sun block. Make sure to check the forecast – otherwise you might become sunburnt! • A Tote or Backpack
You may want to bring along a bag to carry all of the items mentioned above, along with any information handed out during the tour. Pick up any fliers concerning the school after the tour. There are bound to be many pamphlets located in the center that is in charge of the tours. They contain important information about what’s going on during the day of the tour as well as details about the school.

Step 3: Form well thought out questions.

Have some questions ready to fire away! Research the school a little beforehand and list what you would like to know more about. Think of whatever topic you want more details about. Here is a sample question; how big are athletics at the school? Personally, I find myself not asking many questions. Although I am teeming with queries, I often feel that much of what I need to know can be discovered on my own. Scope out the professors. Perhaps you can question them of average class sizes in addition to what technology is incorporated. Make sure to meet admissions officials. Clarify any confusion about what the school expects or prefers in its applicants.

Step 4: Do not miss the housing arrangements!

Check out the different types of housing. Take a look at the dormitories and find out what kind of housing is available off campus, from apartments to Greek life. Consider what you can afford along with where you would enjoy yourself (while studying, of course). Measure your comfort zone. Or do you wish to commute from home? If so, distance is an essential characteristic to take into account.

Step 5: Mull Over Your Options Once, Twice, Thrice...and Repeat.

College campus visits are a critical component to your future. Only with these visits can you obtain the clearest perception of each university. It is the closest you can get in familiarizing yourself to potential schools. Campus visits are invaluable to every student’s decision-making process. Visit, view, and then verify. Do not on your gut instinct alone! Maybe you felt an instant attachment to the school, easily recognizing the school as your soul mate...a rare, lucky phenomenon that seldom happens. After your visits, along with careful consideration, mentally review and apply to the schools you feel you best relate to and fit your lifestyle.

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