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Live in a Museum for a Month and Earn $10,000

Month at the Museum 2. Photo courtsey of

Leah Westfall

June 28, 2011

Live in a Museum for a Month and Earn $10,000
This is the true story, of one student, picked to live in a museum and have their life blogged about. Ok, so it’s not MTV’s Real World but it is a real opportunity that could land you a once in a lifetime opportunity and $10K in cash. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) is offering one student the chance to live in the museum 24/7 from October 19 to November 17 in what they’re calling Month at the Museum 2. The individual who is picked to live and breathe science for 30 days will also be asked to write about, blog about and broadcast their experience via a blog, Twitter and online video. This is the second time a student has lived at the 14-acre museum. Last year Kate McGroarty lived at the MSI and spent her days and nights exploring the museum (even after hours of course), taking part in science demonstrations, meeting and talking with guests and sharing her experience with followers online. Before Kate moved out of the museum last November, the public asked the museum to do it again and they agreed, this time adding a few new elements to the adventure.

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The individual picked will be asked to have very limited contact with the outside world – meaning trading in their cell phone, email, texting and personal Facebook all in the name of science! MSI acknowledges that a whole month in the museum can be quite the commitment. To reward you for all your ‘efforts’ the museum will be sending the lucky participant home with a few parting gifts, including $10,000 and a package of tech gadgets (think a notebook computer and a digital camera). Want your chance to soak up all of what MSI has to offer? They’re looking for someone who is curious, adventurous and outgoing with a strong interest in learning about science. You’ll also need to be able to write for the blog, be able to hold an engaging conversation and be computer savvy enough to blog, tweet and take a digital pic. So, “How would you 2 it?”

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