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Learn to Love Your New City

Lauren Bayne Anderson

September 10, 2010

Learn to Love Your New City
So, you’ve made the big move to a new city! Whether you’ve moved for college, a new job, or a summer internship, getting acclimated to your surroundings is often the key to your success in any given place. Almost everyone goes through an adjustment period when they move to a new town. Hating the city in which you live can affect your social life, your studies, your work, and ultimately your overall happiness. Here’s how to make the most of your new hometown.

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Get Involved
Sign up to learn pottery, take that cool yoga class on the beach, walk around your neighborhood, volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Getting out and about is a great way to learn your city and meet new people. Always wanted to take a kickboxing class? Now’s the time! Make New Friends
Hook up with other interns, coworkers or students that share your interests. If you’re completely alone in your new surroundings, try to find friends-of-friends on Facebook that may live in your new city and introduce yourself. Join and hook up with others in your area with similar interests —or create a group yourself.

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Read the Local News
Pick up your local City Paper, peruse to find out where to go and where you should avoid, and find out if there are any other websites or publications the locals frequent to stay abreast of events taking place in your new city. Whether it’s a street festival, a block party, a concert or movies in the park, each city has its own flavor and flair, don’t miss out on what your new city has to offer simply because you didn’t know about it.

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Get Out of Your Element
Never tried surfing? Not sure you’re into stand-up comedy? Why not give it a shot. When you move to a new city, a good rule of thumb is to “never turn down an invite.” At best, you discover a new hobby, at worst, you spent the evening doing something new, rather than sitting at home alone in front of the TV! Another way to acclimate yourself with your surroundings is to play "Subway Roulette" — hop on the subway and pick a station, any station — when you get there, get off the train and explore your surroundings. Stay in Touch with Old Friends
Just because they don’t live close by doesn’t mean you should ditch your old friends. Sometimes a phone conversation alone can help lift your spirits—they may be going through the same thing in a new city of their own. Plus: you’ll have someone to share your new city with when they come to visit! And Finally, Keep an Open Mind
No, they may not do things the way you’re used to, the grocery store may be called something totally different and their accents may sound funny to you, but stay positive and try to accept your new surroundings. Don’t judge. After all, what better way is there NOT to fit in? Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to living the life in your new city!

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