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Kick These College Habits!

Warning: the older you get, the less adorably-clueless these habits become.

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 18, 2015

Kick These College Habits!
Just because you got away with it then doesn't mean you can get away with it now. Everyone’s guilty of having bad habits, but college students develop certain habits that they should grow out of when entering the “real” world. As you may already know, college isn't like “real” life at all. You can often get away with the bare minimum, from food to fashion. But, once you're out of college, that carefree collegiate lifestyle is no longer socially acceptable. Here are the habits you’ve developed in college but should kick before entering the “real” world.
1. Procrastinating
This is unacceptable in the “real” world. Planning is required for everything from work and wardrobe to meals and meetings. Grow up and get things done in a timely manner. 2. Flaking Out
Sure, you can get away with skipping classes here and there in college. In the real world, you can’t just skip work or flake out on paying bills or going to work, just because it’s Tuesday. You’ll definitely have more serious consequences if you don’t follow through on commitments, so make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin. 3. College "Look"
Now that you’re an adult, you want to be treated like one. Sweatpants and comfy-casual clothes just won’t cut it on a daily basis. The same concept applies to professionalism. If you want to be treated like a professional adult, look like one. 4. The Junk-Food Diet
The pizza, ramen noodles and beer diet may have been OK for you and your frat buddies but, post-college is considered disgusting. Aside for being grossly unhealthy, remember that you’re metabolism is sure to catch up with the crap you’re putting into your body! 5. Over-Partying A little partying to relax is good for you. Over-partying until you’re hugging the toilet bowl is just sloppy. Remember when you didn't even go out until 11 at night? That's going to seem late to even be out at all in a few years' time. Plus, the older you become, the more recovery time it will take. We're talking days, not hours. Just trust us on this one. 6. Sleeping the Day Away After college, you have responsibilities in life. You have things to get done. You can’t just sleep all day and expect everything to stay afloat. You have to get up and go to work to make a living. Weekends are your time to get things done. Say sayonara to the snooze button, which is now your enemy! 7. Slacking Off Maybe your classmates were nice enough to let you slide by on the bare minimum but, in the “real” world, your co-workers won’t be so kind. People expect a lot more from you and will say something when you don’t deliver. 8. Pulling All-Nighters Similar to procrastination prevention, planning and preparation are important aspects of adulthood. The older you get, the more difficult it is to bounce back. Trust us on this one, too. 9. Zoning Out Every student zones out now and again, but there aren't any online lecture notes to refer to if you miss important information during office meetings. Plus, imagine how embarrassing it would be to explain to your boss you need the information because you thought he or she was too boring to pay attention to the first time around. Talk about awkward. 10. Social Media Blunders Your opinions are your own and you want to have a voice in the world. Just be careful, especially post-college, what you say and do on social media platforms. Try to keep a professional online presence so nothing can be used against you. In fact, do this no matter what your age. Whatever you post online leaves a trail forever. 11. Poor Language Skills Once you're in, like, the, uh, like, "real" world, you're going to, like, have to speak, like, an adult or whatever. Otherwise, you, like, won't get any, um, like, respect or whatever. You should totally, like, work on this so you don't, like, totally embarrass yourself. 12. Living in Filth Most people don't love cleaning house, but it's a task you're going to need to do. Frat house filth is acceptable for, well, dirty frat houses - not for responsible, capable adults. We're not saying that life in the real world is boot camp or that college life is a cakewalk. We're just warning you that you should probably get your act together - or at least clean it up - before one of these bad habits somehow hinders you in your oh-so-adult life.

Did you pick up any bad collegiate habits you'd add to this list?

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