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Keeping Your Mind Occupied Over Spring Break

Here's how to keep your mind off college admissions decisions while enjoying your spring break.

Riley Harrison

March 07, 2016

Keeping Your Mind Occupied Over Spring Break

The last few months of school are slowly creeping up on us. Some days seem longer than others, especially when we’re counting down the days until summer.

The good news is: SPRING BREAK! The last big break until the legendary summer vacation.

So, what do you do over spring break to take your mind off waiting for the last college admissions decisions?

Try Something New Everyday

I know for me, some days of break are spent sitting on my couch, watching Netflix, but sometimes that’s just not enough. So make a challenge! Try something new every day of break. One day, go to the beach. The next day, have a movie marathon. OR, everyday try a new local coffee spot. You never know who you might meet and what memories you might make.

Take Photos

You do not need to be a professional photographer to have cute Instagram pictures that we all wish for. Find a new place to watch the sunset and take photos of it, noting the times and location. Been dying to see a sunrise? Pick a day and make a pledge that you WILL get up early enough to see the beauty of the new day.

Introduce Yourself

The power of introduction is huge. Meeting someone new is always exciting. Strike up a conversation with that group of people that always sits next to you in Starbucks or say hi to that cute guy that works at the cafe you and your friends go to every Sunday.

This is the time to have a good time, but remember that the end of the school year is approaching and you still have to keep it together once the break is over.

So relax, catch up on all your favorite shows, go on some adventures. Enjoy the break before the countdown to summer begins!

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