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Keep Calm and Carry On

You can’t control everything, so just keep calm and carry on.

Brandon Huffman

November 19, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On
In Overachievers Anonymous, I wrote about what to do and ways to help if you are taking on a lot of things to fill up that college résumé to the brim, but after taking some time to reflect, I realized that an overload of work isn't the only thing that we have to worry about and that stresses us out, it is high school after all. There are so many other factors that cause us to stress out and make our emotions to do likewise, even, if you’re not the busiest and most active student in the world. A few examples of these would be family, friends, social life, and, of course, relationships. Family is major part of your life. They are the people that have known you for the longest, in most cases, and the people that will know you long after you’re done with all of your schooling.

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However, with that extended period of being familiar with a person or group of people, it also extends the chance that that person or those people will annoy you, get into arguments with you, and just generally cause you anxiety. I get into arguments with my parents often, and have been known to get more than a little ticked off at them, but that’s completely normal, I mean, we are teenagers; apparently it’s a stereotype or something. But we all need to stop and take a break at the end of the day to think about one simple fact: our family may not be the best, it may not even be the one that you would choose if you had been given the option, but that’s usually how it works, but they are the ones who truly love you and want to see you succeed and do well in life; they just might have a different way of expressing that than what you want. Friends are some of the greatest people in the world. They are the people who you look forward to seeing, talking to, and hanging out with, but sometimes they can make you wish you had never met them.

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If you have a friend who you have never fought with–fantastic–hang on to that friend because there aren't many people you will always get along with in life. However, it’s more likely there’s a person, or two or three, who you love being around but really tick you off occasionally. Relax: it’s normal to fight with the people you’re closest to. Getting through those arguments together is what makes a friendship stronger and makes it one worth holding on to. If the other person isn't willing to work through something, their friendship may not be the best thing for you.

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Keep in mind, though, that if that friendship is causing ongoing stress, well, there are billions of people in the world and that one person may not be worth it. Another problem that people our age may have, sometimes even secretly, is that they want to a better social life. With all the social media in our generation, it’s so easy to log on and see all these people claiming to have the "best night ever" or being at the "party no one will ever forget"–yet you’re home alone. When you see that, it's easy to wish you were there or making fun memories like them. But really, how worth it is it to go out and do nothing but party and hang out with friends? Sure it may seem great on the outside looking in, but all that time spent with people usually leads to a lot of drama and gossip which isn't that fantastic, not by a long shot. Relationships. The one word that turns people’s heads in the hallway and is always a welcomed topic of conversation, so, naturally, almost everyone wants to have one. Everyone knows all the big couples in school and always has opinions on them, positive or negative. It often seems that peers either encourage relationships, trying to push others into them, or make fun of relationships if they're opposed to them. Either way, we have to face it: relationships are kind of a big deal. Assuming you are in a relationship, you shouldn't have to be stressed out by it. If you constantly have to put in endless effort, and nothing is ever good enough, it might not be the right relationship for you. If you're not in a relationship, don’t worry about going and trying to enter one just for titles. Take the time to find someone you really want to be with. It may not be in high school, but so what if it’s not? High school is four years of your entire life; it doesn't matter too much in the end. There will always going to be a class you hate going to, a book you don’t want to read, and drama going on around you–there’s no stopping that. What you can stop is how much you let everything else affect you. At the end of the day, my advice is simple: you can’t control everything, so just keep calm and carry on.

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