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Ideas for Your Best Winter Break Yet

You need to use this time to make memories with all of the people you’ve missed most over the past semester.

Mckenzie Nevins

November 10, 2014

Ideas for Your Best Winter Break Yet
Happy break! Well, almost. It’s exciting, isn’t it; just thinking about how little time there is left before you’ll be heading home? Can you believe that an entire semester is already almost over? For me, it’s my first college semester…which is absolutely crazy! I’ve been in Ireland since August, and sad as I am to leave, I’m also super excited to see my family again and to be home for all of our special holiday traditions. Chances are you feel the same – no matter where you are!

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I still think that college students should make the best possible use of their break time, however, and I’m here to give you some ideas on how to do that. Don’t worry…it doesn’t have anything to do with studying or extra math problems!

Idea #1: Have Fun!

There are some people who may tell you that you need to spend every spare moment studying, including breaks.

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I happen to disagree. It’s called a break for a reason. Now, I do believe that you should keep up with memorization-heavy subjects like foreign languages or math over longer breaks like summer. But over the holidays? This is a special break – one that’s meant to be spent with family and friends.

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I guess my point is that you need to use this time to make memories with all of the people you’ve missed most over the past semester. Don’t let these chances slip by. You’ve got most of the next four years to spend on school. You don’t have that much time with the people you love.

Idea #2: Keep Up With New Friends, Too

Just because you’re going home doesn’t mean that you should leave all of your new college friends behind in the dust. I, for one, have made some amazing and hopefully enduring friendships over this last semester, and I hope to keep up with some of those people over break. Email is a great and quick way to do it, as is social media. Don’t be afraid to send a real letter, though, especially to those who live farther away. There’s just something special about finding an envelope with your name on it in the mailbox, especially around the holidays!

Idea #3: Relax

Definitely make the most of every opportunity that you have while at home, but don’t forget to make time to rest. You’ve been running a million miles an hour for the past three months, so now it’s time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Don’t be afraid to make time for this. If you catch up on sleep in the first few days of your break, you’ll be more alert and ready for the rest of the time!

Idea #4: Don’t be Afraid of Change

Chances are, you’ve changed over the past semester. You’re more independent now, and you know how to do more things on your own. You’ve grown up a bit. Often these changes aren’t obvious until we get home and are confronted with people who only remember the old us. Don’t worry about the fact that you may be different, now, or that people might notice some changes. It’s a good thing. Don’t purposefully come back with the attitude that you’re smarter or better than your friends and family at home, though. If you’ve made some real, honest changes for the better since you’ve been gone from home, don’t be scared of them. In fact, try to explain some of these changes to someone you trust. Sometimes it helps you to process them. So, first and foremost, have fun and make memories this break. Get some rest, and embrace the person you’re becoming. This stage of life doesn’t last forever!

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