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How to Stay Motivated

Remember that finishing the semester strong leads to future success.

Kizzy Preston

November 14, 2012

How to Stay Motivated
When school first begins in the fall, everyone is excited. A new semester, quarter, or term brings about feelings of a fresh start, or new beginning. Most students feel highly motivated to pass their classes with all A’s. That 4.0 grade point average looks within reach. As time goes on, however, some of that motivation begins to wane. Perhaps you didn't get the perfect score on your essay you thought you deserved. Late night cramming for an exam may be wearing you down. Mid-semester thoughts of the holiday season start occupying your mind and you just can’t seem to focus on that group project that’s due next week.

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What do you do? Here are some tips to say motivated and finish the fall semester stronger than ever. Talk it out. Spend some face-to-face time talking about your feelings with good friends or family members. Upset about the B minus you received? Vent about it, and it will make you feel better.

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Often times, talking about your problems not only relieves stress, but you might even come up with a solution to remedy the issue next time around. If your good friends or family live out of town, keep in mind talking over the phone, video chatting, or emailing works just as well. The goal is just to get the negative feelings you may be having out in the open.

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Work out. You may be thinking who has time to exercise? Exercise is a well-known stress reliever. Not only will working out just 30 minutes per day help you to get rid of some of your frustrations, it will also give you more energy! Instead of dragging yourself around campus, you will have pep in your step. Exercise also helps with mental clarity. Concentration will be better if you implement a fitness plan into your life. Visualize success. This may sound a little silly, but it works. Imagine yourself graduating. See yourself walking across the stage, receiving your diploma. Picture your family and friends in the audience cheering you on. What type of job do you want after graduation? Can you imagine what it will feel like to walk into that job on your first day? Pulling up these types of images in your mind will help you to see what you are currently working so hard for. The more precise the visualization, the more motivating it can be for you. You have to convince yourself that finishing the semester strong will lead to what you see for your future. Make a list. Make a list of all of the reasons you want to graduate. What were your goals when you first started the semester? How are you doing with those goals? Are you succeeding? Why or why not? What can you do to improve? It is important that you take inventory of what you are doing well, and areas where you can improve. Keep this list with you and look at it whenever you feel overwhelmed. Play. School isn't about all work and no play. Playing is just as important as working hard. It is through play that you can relax, let go, and not stress over anything. It doesn't matter what you play. Video games, sports, dancing, shopping, or seeing a good movie, are all great ways to play. Just remember to play outside of your class time. No playing hooky.

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