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How College Visits Can Help College Decisions

Visiting a college can help make your decisions!

Bailey Vannatta

March 09, 2015

How College Visits Can Help College Decisions
You might have become interested in a college by reading about it in a magazine, or online; or maybe you saw some pictures of campus that really peaked your interest. To really get a fulfilling experience of what the school is like though, you’ll need to take a visit. Here are some ways visiting campus can help you decide on your perfect school.

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1. Register for a tour
The best way to get a feel of the campus is to sign up for a tour. These are usually lead by current students who provide important information to optimize your visit.

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Sometimes these tours can even include a financial info session, or an opportunity to speak with professors, allowing you to really see what it would be like to be a student there.
2. Check out the surroundings
The setting of a college is almost as important as the college itself. You want to be comfortable in the atmosphere. There are many different college settings: rural, suburban, and urban. Tour different settings and find out what is right for you. While you’re in town for a tour, discover the local places; places college students eat at, hangout at, or things you’re interested in like local bookstores or coffee shops.
3. Really think about it
Make a pros and cons list. When you’re on campus, think to yourself; is this some place I can picture myself in? Listen to yourself. Don’t choose a college just based on the fact that it was where you were “always meant to go.” For me personally, I decided on a university that I had never even heard of until my freshman year of high school. Do not ignore negatives or even positives. When you choose the school you will be attending for the next four years, make sure your decision has been carefully thought out and is a decision you made for yourself, not anyone else. A college decision shouldn’t have to be stressful. Sure, there are many schools out there with incredible things to offer, but be confident that you will choose the right one for yourself. A college decision should be based on what you want out of an educational experience, choose the best fit for you.

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