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High School Reflections

Is this the best advice you've ever heard or what?

Alison Graham

April 08, 2013

High School Reflections
Hello fellow Fastwebbers! Brace yourself for the best advice that you will ever receive about high school! These are the things they don't want you to know, the things that everyone is keeping from you ‒ but I am here to give them to you. Just think of me as the nerdy guy in all of the James Bond movies that gives you the cool gadgets. "Come in, high schooler 007."

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Save that college mail All of that college mail starts flooding in around junior year. First of all, make sure you open the mail if you don't know where you want to go because you could discover a really cool school.

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Second, save all of it, or the majority of it, to take the coolest picture of your life. It is personally one of my biggest regrets. I imagine myself surrounded by thousands of college letters, making big, beautiful snow angels. It would have been the coolest picture, but alas, I thought of this idea too late. Now I'm an old lady to those colleges, that senior that's already chosen her school, and now I'm not a prized commodity to be won like all of you. Hence, my prime has passed and I no longer receive as much college mail and can no longer take this awesome photo. After you take the picture, make sure to recycle all of the letters because we all know a tree that we love and are so glad that it was not part of the mass execution required for all of those letters.

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Do as much as you can
This is a bit more stereotypical, but it's the best advice someone could ever give you. Attend as many school events as you can while in high school. I'm talking about prom, football games, basketball games, all athletic events, service opportunities, dance marathons, all of it! Even if your friends aren't going, you can meet cool new people there. Personally, I never went anywhere my friends didn't go because I was afraid that I would be sitting there alone. Even though deep down I knew that I could always find someone to sit with and hang out. Don't make this mistake. High school is your only chance to take advantage of all of these once in a lifetime events! Keep a running list of your activities When you take my above advice about doing everything you can in high school, write all of those activities down. When you start applying to college, they will ask for a list of your activities, your involvement, and which years you participated in them. If you already have a list of every club and event you have participated in, this will be so much easier. Get to work immediately Your freshman year matters a lot more than you think. Have you ever heard of cumulative GPA? Contrary to popular belief, that includes your freshman year. Start with a great foundation and you won't have to play catch up the last three years to get into your dream college! Get fired up Get some school spirit! Every pep rally and athletic event will be one hundred times more fun if you feel good about your school. If you're spirited, you obtain the right to paint yourself your school color. Our school color is blue, so we all end up looking a bit like Smurfs, but it's all in the spirit of fun, right? Beware of the cafeteria food Warning: Do not eat the cafeteria food everyday freshman year. During my first year of high school, I was so excited to eat good cafeteria food and so I bought a chicken sandwich with honey mustard every day. However, I learned that there is a set number of school lunches you can eat before you get so tired of the food that the smell of it puts you into a near coma. You can probably eat about 2 years of lunches before getting fed up with it. I made the mistake of using those up all in the beginning. Now, I can't stand the cafeteria and am also too lazy to make myself a lunch. I suffer everyday trying to ward off cafeteria-induced comas. Stay awake If you fall asleep during class, you know that it's going to be during the hardest math equation of the year, at least it always was for me. Try to stay awake so that you don't miss anything and avoid that reputation because, trust me, it sticks.

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