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High School Finals Study Tips

Pressure begins to mount and stress accumulates quickly but you can avoid this with some quick prep tips!

Kaitlyn Specht

December 01, 2014

High School Finals Study Tips
As the holidays peek around the corner, the last thing students want is to spend time studying. Between visiting relatives and holiday celebrations, it is easy to postpone studying for exams until the last minute. Pressure begins to mount and stress accumulates quickly. With a few key study tips, however, this undue stress can easily be eliminated.

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Start Studying Now

It is all too important not to cram the night before. Not only does this add stress, but it also wastes time as the chances of you remembering all of that information are not likely. Keep in mind that it takes lots of repetition and practice to actually retain the information the teacher introduces to you in class.

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You cannot accomplish that kind of retention in a few hours of cramming. So start early and study in small increments. Just five minutes per day per subject will do the trick. Then you will have plenty of time to rest come the night before the test.

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Try a Song or a Game

Studying is often tedious work. You read over your notes, poke your nose in the book, and, after a few minutes, the lines begin to blur together. Face it; even just five minutes of studying can have the effect of a sleeping pill. Make things interesting by creating your own song or game. Can’t get the new Taylor Swift song out of your head? Make a parody of it using vocabulary from one of your classes. Chances are, a catchy song will help you to remember things a little more easily and it is not as boring as skimming over the chapter half a dozen times. If you don’t have rhythm, then perhaps a game is more efficient. Elicit the help of a study partner and go head to head to test your knowledge. Try this one: basketball. To play, take turns asking each other a question. If you get it right, then you get to shoot a basket. If not, then you will have to wait until your next turn. The more questions you get right, the better your chances of scoring points. You don’t have to stick to the rules too harshly, so help each other out and have fun with it.

Approach Your Teacher

Although you are only in high school, now is the time to get some practice with college habits. Your teacher is your most important resource – he or she makes the test, after all. So utilize him! If you come across something in your notes that you do not understand, bring it up in class the next day or talk to him afterwards. Ask if he can stay after school to help if you are really struggling. Do not be scared to ask for suggestions about studying. When it comes to learning, especially once you move on to college, you cannot be afraid to come to your teacher. It is also worth noting that because you will need to ask questions, you will have to start studying way ahead of time, as I suggested before. The only way to know what you are struggling with is to take a crack at it on your own first. Studying does not have to cause stress right before the holidays. If you get a head start, utilize your resources, and make things interesting, the task will become much easier and you are sure to get a good grade on that exam.

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