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Helping Your Student Get the Spring Semester Off to the Right Start

Help your kid start the semester right.


April 21, 2009

Helping Your Student Get the Spring Semester Off to the Right Start

The holidays are over and it’s time for your student to head back to school. How can you, as a parent, help her get the new semester off on the right track? Take the time to help her get organized now, and when things get hectic later on, she’ll be prepared.

College has at least one great thing going for it: students get to start from scratch every semester! With that in mind, help your student take advantage of the new semester! We’ve compiled a few tips for helping your student get the spring semester off on the right track:

  • Help your student get organized. Get your student a planner to organize her semester now. Have her write down all of their major assignments and determine out how to distribute her workload each week. If she takes the time to do this at the beginning of the semester, it might help prevent a frantic, last-minute paper or all-night study session.
  • Encourage your student to resist the urge to slack off the first couple of weeks. If she falls behind now, she’ll have to make up the work when she’s busier.
  • Make sure your student attends the first day of all of her classes. The first day is when her new professors explain expectations and provide the syllabus for the semester. Also, it is very important to understand which classes have attendance policies!
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  • Have your student carefully read her class syllabi and know what's in them! The syllabus is an outline that explains how she will be graded and what is expected of her.
  • Make sure your student has everything she needs for the semester: books, course packets, school supplies, etc. If she’s expected to print out multiple online readings for the class, have her print them all out now.
  • Get off to a good start with the readings. Your student is probably not too busy yet, so make sure she does all of the readings. Otherwise she’ll have to make them up later when she’s busy. If she has extra time, encourage her to read ahead.
  • Have your student start off the new semester with good attendance. The information provided at the beginning of the semester may be key to understanding later material.


Article courtesy of University Parent Media.

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