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Happy Doctors' Day

By Leah Westfall

March 30, 2011

Happy Doctors' Day
Today is National Doctors’ Day, and yes it’s a real day. Created in an effort to recognize our Nation's physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury, the first Doctors' Day occurred on March 30, 1933 in Winder, Georgia. According to DoctorsDay.org the first official day included individuals mailing greeting cards to doctors and placing flowers on the graves of deceased doctors, most specifically a red carnation. On October 30, 1990 President George Bush signed off on the day and it became public law. It’s general knowledge that becoming a doctor requires a large amount of both dedication and education, and can be a long and challenging process. Typically after completing their undergraduate education students apply to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), from there a student must complete four years of med school followed by a residency program that for surgeons can last as long as eight or nine years.
Have you checked your scholarship matches recently? See them now. So is the school and the degree worth it? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time workers with a degree earned $483 more per week than those who just graduated high school. That’s an average of $25,000 a year! Interested to see what an advanced degree can earn you? We dug up the highest paying jobs for 2011 and their average salaries in 2009 – and note, all but one are in the medical field. 1. Surgeon *$219,770*
2. Anesthesiologist *$211,750*
3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon *$210,000*
4. Orthodontist *$206,000*
5. Obstetrician/Gynecologist *$204,470*
6. Internist *$183,990*
7. Physician and Surgeon *$173,860*
8. General Practitioner *$168,500*
9. CEO *$167,280*
10. Psychiatrist *$163,660*
Data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If these six-figure salaries and the thought of helping people has you thinking about going into the medical field -- Happy Doctors’ Day to all the potential and soon to be doctors!

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