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Going Home for the Holidays

Splitting yourself between two different homes can be pretty stressful.

Alison Graham

November 14, 2013

Going Home for the Holidays
Every year, November 1 comes roaring in so fast, but trust me, I’m not complaining. I can hear turkeys gobble, sleigh bells ringing and, most importantly, my cats meowing because the holidays are the time to leave college for awhile and relax at the place you come from: home. Oh, and I’d love to see my family, too.

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However, splitting yourself between two different homes can be pretty stressful. I mean what the heck are you going to pack? What if you need something you didn't anticipate? As always, I’m here to help! Packing The first thing I always do, as you probably already know from my previous posts, is make a list. Write down everything you use throughout the day to get down the essentials.

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Pick out all the sweaters you’re going to need while you’re back at home and write it all down. Make sure to check everything off the list as you pack it into your bag, but don’t just throw that list away! Pack it with you and use it to repack your bag when you come back to school. Then there is no way you could forget anything.

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If you still have summer shorts and a bunch of t-shirts, make sure to bring those home. You won’t be needing those from November-early March so don’t let those clutter your room. Store them at home! Also, when you come back after Thanksgiving, definitely bring some air fresheners of some kind. In these old dorms with the windows closed, it can get pretty stuffy… and smelly. Gifts If you don’t have any ideas for Christmas presents, look at some spirit stores around campus and even off-campus. I’m sure your parents or siblings or dog (no judging, I promise) would love to have a nice college t-shirt! But what about all the new friends you’ve undoubtedly made at college? I’m sure there are a few friends that you want to get presents for, but that is incredibly difficult when you are trying to get to Target between classes. When you’re home for Thanksgiving (Black Friday, anyone?!), shop around for presents and make sure to bring them back with you so you can give them to your friends. And you might as well wrap them while you are home too. Stuff to do You will definitely have some down time over break when you are honestly just plain bored. Take some time to catch up with your studying! I know this sounds totally lame, but it will really keep your stress levels down when you get back before the crazy end of the semester. Breaks are also a great time to hang out with old friends from high school. Everyone is guaranteed to be there and not have anything to do! Meet for lunch, have a sleepover like old times and most of all, just have a fun and relaxing break. Happy holidays everyone!

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