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Go to Class and Stay There

Raheem counts down the top 10 excuses students give for missing class.

Raheem Smith

May 07, 2012

Go to Class and Stay There
5) “It’s too hard.”
A difficult class can turn college into a nightmare. Many people doubt their own abilities to begin with, so when a class starts to become overwhelming, the possibility of failure becomes too real to handle. It’s often easier to cope with that failure if you can tell yourself you didn’t really try. If anything though, that just makes the failure all the more real. Who knows? The class may make you a stronger student, but you’ll never know without a solid attempt. 4) “It’s too easy.”
The only thing more off-putting than a difficult class is an easy one. Chances are, if you attend college, you don’t do so to hear things you already knew. You came to learn and to challenge yourself. If a class is too easy, it can make a student lose interest quickly, and for particularly bright students, their lowest grades are often in the classes with the easiest subject matter. If you find yourself taking a class that’s too easy, just think of it as a break. There’s really no point in taking a break from a break, so just follow through, and give your GPA the boost it deserves. 3) “Attendance doesn’t count for a grade.”
Some professors have particularly lax attendance policies, but this does not mean they don’t want you to attend their class. They probably just have a different idea of what is important with regards to grading. If your reason for skipping is that it won’t affect your grade, then chances are, you’re mistaken. Whatever is being taught in that class is likely to be on some sort of examination, whether it’s just a quiz or the final exam. Though indirectly, attendance almost always counts for a grade in the long run, so be sure to treat it accordingly. We're always featuring the coolest scholarships. Apply now! 2) “We probably aren’t doing anything today.”
When a student says this, he or she often means that there is nothing out of the ordinary happening in class. If literally nothing happens in the hour or so during which you have class, that’s something that should be indicated on an evaluation form. Otherwise, lectures exist for a reason, and in order to succeed in college, it is ideal that they are attended. 1) “I just don’t feel like it.”
It can’t be explained, but it needs no explanation at all. Sometimes, you just don’t have it in you. It can be a sour mood or achy joints or anything at all really, but those “I just don’t feel like it” days can make going to class seem like the most arduous task ever assigned. You still have to go though. Missing days for this reason is the most dangerous of all, because it can quickly become a habit and spiral out of control. Even if you feel like you rolled out of bed and dragged yourself through your morning routine, getting out and doing something productive can sometimes help tremendously. It’s not easy, but keep trying. Those days will pass if you let them. Which excuses do you use or hear most often?

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