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Go to Class and Stay There

Raheem counts down the top 10 excuses students give for missing class.

Raheem Smith

May 07, 2012

Go to Class and Stay There
Whether it’s the professor or the subject matter, there are some classes in college that students just don’t want to go to. This, however, is no excuse for not giving your best. With this in mind, I’ll be counting down (and rebutting) the top ten reasons that many students would rather stay home. 10) “I’ll go but…”
Going to class doesn’t just mean attending. Just because your body is there for the entire experience, assuming that you don’t leave early, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re learning. Some students go to class, but they end up hurting themselves in the long run with bad habits. I took a global issues class last semester that exemplified this trend. Students would come in ten to twenty minutes late, sleep or text for about half an hour, then pack up and leave early. Some of the students, eventually aware that their habits did not facilitate learning, stopped coming to class altogether. The grade-saving choice, however, would be to start going to class: body and mind. 9) “I’m feeling a little under the weather today.”
There’s nothing wrong with missing a class or two if you aren’t feeling well, especially if the source of your discomfort is contagious, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to take the day off because of every sneeze or sniffle. Many students will take anything as an excuse to miss class, even if it means treating light seasonal allergies like a smallpox outbreak. Many professors and administrators will find ways to work with students who are frequently ill, but considering most aren’t, avoid this excuse if it does not apply to you. Find your dream school with Fastweb's College Search now. 8) “But my friends invited me to…”
Your friends are hanging out “after class,” but you still have one more class to attend, so you decide to skip it. Think about the decision though. Your friends didn’t skip their classes; they just finished sooner. Even if they also skipped class, the whole point of doing something after class is to unwind from a day of hard work. Without the hard work part, it’s just slacking off, so wait; they’ll still be there when you’re done.
7) “I’m tired.”
Whether you were up late studying or just hanging out, morning has come, and you can barely keep your eyes open. A lot of night owls have trouble adjusting to their class schedules, but the thing about a class schedule that invalidates this excuse, is the fact that it’s already set, and it, for the most part, does not change. With that in mind, the proper sleep adjustments should be made ahead of time. If all else fails, you could always register for late classes. 6) “I’m already late.”
Some students sleep in or get held up by traffic or just miscalculate the time it takes to get to class. There are any number of unforeseen events that can make a student late, but if there’s still a significant portion of class left, you should always try to make it if possible. You may make it in time to hear something important or take a clicker quiz. At the very least, it shows the professor that you still care enough to show up.

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