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Getting to Know Your New Roommate

This task doesn't have to be as scary as you think, it can actually be quite simple!

Bailey Vannatta

August 21, 2015

Getting to Know Your New Roommate
Most college freshman are just now transitioning into college life. Moving into your dorm, getting acquainted with the campus and importantly, meeting your new roommate. If you decided to go the adventurous potluck route, getting to know your roommate can be confusing and awkward. After all, you will be living with this stranger for the next year. This task doesn't have to be as scary as you think, it can actually be quite simple!

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1. Prepare Questions

You might want to start off with asking your roommate questions about themselves, their likes and dislikes, living preferences, etc. Some good ones to start off with are:
• Are you a morning person or a night owl?

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• What kind of relationship do you want as roommates? (Friends, acquaintances, etc.)
• How would you describe your sleeping habits?
• How would you describe your studying habits?

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• Are you an introvert or extrovert?
• On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your cleanliness?

2. Create Your Living Space Together

Share ideas of how you want your dorm room to look, you can bond together by creating a comfortable and cool living space.
You can create DIY projects together to spruce up the room. You might even bond while doing it! By working together to make your dorm the best it can be, you may discover that you have similar ideas and interests helping you to discover what you have in common.

3. Go Do Something Fun

Both of you are most likely new to the town you will be living in, so go out and explore! Find a fun place where the other college students hang out, or a place you’re both interested in. Have dinner at a new restaurant, go see a movie, go shopping, these are all good ways to break the ice with your new roommate. Remember, if things don’t work out between you two as well as you had hoped, don’t get discouraged. If a problem arises, you can always contact your RA for help. Good luck!

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