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Get Your Groove Back After Break

June 05, 2007

Get Your Groove Back After Break
Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday and a relaxing break, and that if you returned home, my advice from the previous post was useful. Of course the buzz in the first month of the year always includes the same subject: What is your New Year's resolution? I usually don't believe in making resolutions, but this year I figured I'd give it a try. I'm making many of these promises to myself since this spring will be my last college semester as an undergraduate student. It's scary at times when I think of the year ahead, which will be full of adjustments, changes and promising future endeavors. At the same time, I feel exhilarated because what lies before me is unknown. I don't know where in New York City I will live, I don't know who my roommate(s) will be, and I don't know if one of my top magazine picks will have entry-level openings. So here are my resolutions:

Maintain the healthy nutrition choices! I'm finding that I feel better when I eat better and have some sort of physical activity. I even signed up for a yoga class this semester so I will be kick-starting my Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 a.m. with some Zen time!
Strengthen my relationships with the friends I have at Hofstra. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone is planning on staying in the area. It's scary to think that I've spent four years practically living next to these people and within months, some of them will be across the country.
Take advantage of guidance. I need to take advantage of any mentors that I have found among my professors, administration or older peers. Their knowledge and advice will be my building blocks for the crazy times ahead of me.
Cut back severely on ordering take-out. There are a ton of restaurants around my school, and since I have a car, nothing stops me from ordering my favorite dish -- grilled chicken salad with mozzarella cheese (no onions or olives) and pita bread - three times a week. I'm trying to keep the cash in my pocket.
Buy coffee in the cafeteria instead of at Starbucks. At my internship's café, it's only 75 cents when you bring your own travel mug. At the Penn Station Starbucks, it can cost over three dollars a day. Do the math! Hopefully I'll be able to stick with the resolutions I've made. I'll keep you updated along the way and let you know how I'm doing.

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