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From Intern to Employee

Making a good impression during your internship not only increases your chance of landing the job, it also gives you a solid reference to add to your resume.

Kizzy Preston

December 17, 2013

From Intern to Employee
Working an internship is often a requirement of college degree programs because obtaining real world practice helps students to learn new skills in their chosen career field. Having actual experience to put on your resume may also open up new opportunities for a new college graduate. Some students are even able to parlay their internships into their first paying full-time job. Here are some tips to help you turn an internship into a job that you can be proud of:

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Show up early: It’s important to show your internship supervisor that you can be reliable. Showing up on time, or even early, will demonstrate that you can be counted on. If you are there and ready to work, your supervisor and others in the company will start to notice. Show interest: You won’t necessarily start off doing the highest level of work, but show interest in whatever you are given. There is always something to learn when working an internship. Ask questions to demonstrate that you are interested in learning all that you can while you have the opportunity.

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Remember, you don’t have to limit your questions to your direct supervisor. Many times other employees within the company are more than willing to answer questions for an intern. Volunteer: There is always more that you can do. Offering to do more shows your supervisor that you are willing to go above and beyond what is asked of you.

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Is help needed unpacking boxes, or cleaning up after an event? Let your supervisor know that you would be more than happy to come in early or stay a little later to help out. Keep a good attitude: Interns are sometimes asked to do menial tasks such as getting coffee or stuffing envelopes. It is important to even do these tasks with a good attitude when asked. Showing that you are humble and able to remain pleasant may pay off when it is time for the supervisor to decide to hire an intern as an employee. The ability to get along well with others is just as important of a qualification as one’s actual work skills. Show growth: Internship supervisors like to see growth from interns. When you are trained on a new task, take notes. Go home and study the notes. This way you will be prepared the next time you are called upon to do the task. While it is not a bad thing to ask questions, making sure that the ones asked are new and show that you understand what is expected of you on the job is important. Being able to go right in and get to work without having to continually ask questions that were already answered in a previous training is impressive. While these tips won’t guarantee that you will be offered a full-time position at the end of your internship, they will certainly help you to make a great impression. Making a good impression during your internship not only increases your chance of landing the job, it also gives you a solid and sincere reference to add to your resume.

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