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Freshman Blog - Transition to College

Angela Jimeno

June 05, 2007

So this is the end of one journey. It feels like everything in my life has closed its doors lately. The weird thing is usually one door closes and another one opens, but I haven't seen any doors open. And some of those doors have just slammed in my face ... without any warning, if you catch my drift.

One particular door closed a few weeks ago, and I just can't stop thinking about it for some reason. I'm stuck on it. I hope that it'll get better each day, and that slowly the memories will fade, but they haven't. Each day it's like my own brain reminds myself of what used to be, although my heart tells me to do the opposite. The hardest part about life is knowing that all the journeys you travel will eventually end, but the really scary part is not knowing when.

School is school, the daily regimen. I still don't understand why all my professors schedule their tests during the same week or same day as my other classes. I bet they all get together at a convention and plot against the students by coordinating their testing dates. It's so ridiculous how this also happened to me last semester. It's never going to stop and I'm never going to be prepared!

I'm ready for summer, even though it's February. It kind of feels like summer here in Texas. I've been wearing shorts for the past few days, which is crazy cause who wears shorts and flip flops in winter time?

My friends and I finally leased an apartment! I'm so exciiiiited!! I'm def looking forward to that!

When I got the email from FastWeb a few days ago saying that it's been 6 months and that my contract was up, I thought to myself, how could this be? Has it really been 6 months since I started this thing? Then it made me realize how fast time flies and how different my life used to be from the person I was back then to who I am now. Situations in life force you to grow up and start taking responsibility. Looking back at everything, I honestly don't know how I did it , actually I don't know how most people do it....ya know, survive life...because life is so hard...and it's so easy to give up. Life is like one big, humongous mountain with little obstacles on the side that you have to climb to reach the top...and when you're down at the bottom you're like, "How in the world am I gonna get to the top?" But when you start taking each step slowly, you being to realize that it's not so bad...and no matter how hard or how big the hurdles are at times, you try to get through it because of courage, endurance, determination...all those good characteristics. Don't ever give up. And don't ever be afraid to take chances because you never get a second moment to relive things, so make the best of it. Learn to have some fun and study hard =].

I must sound like a greeting card or something, but in all seriousness, don't ever forget to live in the moment.

Although my blogging days are now over, feel free to email me anytime about anything! =] And thanks to everyone who wrote emails! You guys rock! Later!

and Hook Em Horns! =]

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