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Student Life

Freshman Blog - The first week of college

Angela Jimeno

June 05, 2007

The first week of college

College isn't so bad. Actually, it's pretty awesome. I've been here for about a week. I honestly thought I would miss home like crazy and cry my eyes out every day. But I don't. Guess I'm too busy having fun and experiencing new things.

I'm taking about 15 hours this semester (5 classes) and the course work is pretty easy. You just have to keep up with everything because it's so easy to fall behind. Most of my teachers seem laidback. Sometimes I feel as if I'm back in high school because the course work isn't intense, or so it seems. My peer mentor (who picked out most of my classes) says that I've got a really good deal on my classes. My teachers are awesome, and therefore the classes are really hard to get into.

I went home this weekend. The whole time I was home I wished I was back in Austin. My parents and I have a pretty open relationship, not that it wasn't like that before, but now I can say things more freely because they don't have control over what I do. I thought they were going to be upset with me for attending parties on school nights, but surprisingly, they weren't.

Of course UT whooped Louisiana's butt in football this past weekend!! GO HORNS!

I'm still feeling a bit groggy ... some friends and I camped out for seven hours to get tickets to see the Dalai Lama on September 20th. There were about 2,000 students waiting outside all night as well. I pretty much whined about everything (the humidity, food, lack of sleep, bugs) but luckily my friends stuck it out with me. We even brought a couch and propped it up on the sidewalk while everyone else had to sit on the hard concrete. The Dalai Lama better be worth it.

Mooooooooooving In!

The big day is here! I'm really excited and nervous.

This week has been mad crazy. I somehow managed to conquer it all this week. Between all the working, packing, and going to the stores about 20 million times, I also managed to sleep about 10-12 hours each night, which is a definite plus.

I finally finished some of the projects I've been working on so everything is all set for me to move in tonight. I stayed up till 1 a.m. last night packing, and I'm not even done yet. The procrastinator in me decided to do some laundry this morning, so I'm just waiting on that and I'm ready! I've got about 6 big boxes, 2 little ones, and a big suitcase full of clothes. I wonder if it's all going to fit in my dad's truck. Guess I'll find out later this afternoon.

College tuition alone is steep, but having to buy all the extra stuff like food, clothes, school supplies, toiletries, a new computer, etc. can really add up. I had no idea that I would spend this much just to move in. So for any of you out there who plan on going to a big university next year, it's never too early to start saving :).

All this moving away stuff has got me pretty choked up. I've lived here in this town for about 9 years now, and this is all that I've known. I finally get to the point where everything in my life seems perfect, and Bam! Life hands me a wild card and mixes up my life.

Luckily, I won't be alone in this experience. One of my good friends is living in the dorm next to mine. So now I won't have to walk 2 miles in the Texas heat just to visit him.

I already plan to come home during Labor Day Weekend.

Roommate Ready

Unfortunately, I'm still here in town. 98% of my friends left for college this weekend. I'm getting more excited as Saturday (the 27th) approaches, but I think I'm also becoming sadder. My parents keep reminiscing, and having all my friends gone doesn't help either. I'm just kind of sentimental right now.

The majority of people from my school (who were accepted into U.T.) already knew who they were going to room with before graduation. I had someone in mind, but I wasn't sure I wanted to room with her. I knew her all through high school, but her personality really didn't match mine, and I was afraid that she would eventually irritate me.

So, I opted for the "random selection" to find a roommate. I'm really glad that I did, despite all the horror stories. Becoming roommates with someone you've never met or talked to is crazy because the majority of people out there that choose the random method, end up hating their roommate (or so I heard) simply because personalities clash.

've been talking to my roommate Anna through instant messenger and email, but this weekend was the first time we actually talked on the phone. She's from Wisconsin. I can already tell that we are going to get along great. She seems really outgoing, upbeat and super sweet.

I like to talk and laugh a lot so I was hoping that I'd find someone who could at least tolerate my personality. I never expected to find someone who has similar personality traits as me! Honestly, I was afraid that I was going to get someone who was supermodel-Cindy-Crawford-gorgeous, which would make me feel totally insecure and what not. But I've seen pictures of her on FaceBook and MySpace and she's actually cute! :)

We want our room to be the coolest one in our dorm, which is great since I love to decorate. We'll both be bringing our laptops with printers. She's going to buy a TV and I'm going to get the DVD player, but having expensive equipment in our room makes me kind of nervous. I don't want it to get stolen.

6 more days!

Dorm Shopping

For the past week my mom and I have been creating a list for what I need to buy for the dorm, and what I need to pack from my room. I've got the basic necessities on there -- food, silverware, toiletries, containers for oddities, lamps, sheets, school supplies, laundry detergent and water. I can't really think of things out of the ordinary that I'll need. I'm pretty sure that once I get to Austin, I'll remember what I should have brought and kick myself in the pants for not adding it to my list beforehand.

Today, after my dentist appointment, I went to Target and looked around for some dorm room decorations. I absolutely love Target because they have the cutest things to decorate your room with, regardless if you're male or female :). They had an awesome deal on bed sheets, but luckily I ordered them through UT because the dorm beds are extra long twin size.

The other day I found out that we're not allowed to have rice cookers, which seriously made me mad. I am Filipino and we practically eat rice with every meal. It's impossible to not eat rice everyday. I also need a coffee maker because I love my coffee, and if I don't have it, I can't function.

One thing that I really need and can't find is a shoe rack that hangs up on the door. The kind where you can insert your shoe into a pocket and it can hold about 24 shoes at a time. My friend and I drove about 30 minutes to Bed, Bath & Beyond and they didn't have it!! I'm not going to bring ALL of my shoes to Austin, but I have a bunch, and who knows when I'm going to need those pink stilettos =P. I also need to buy a full length mirror and a new TV.

Basically, I have everything minus the food, school supplies and some toiletries. The hard part is packing because I'm a last minute packer. I'm rarely home and the majority of the stuff that I'm going to bring, I use on a daily basis, like my stereo which I totally can't live without.

Btw, my new laptop came in today! :)

16 Days Away

It feels like just yesterday I was sending my application to the University of Texas at Austin. I think my main goal for going to college was to get away from my parents, but now that it's almost here (16 days), I'm actually kind of sad because I want to be with them. It's funny how things work out like that.

Yesterday I went to Pier 1 Imports and started buying things for my dorm room, like pillows, bowls, silverware, candles, picture frames. I even got a discount for being a student, which is so cool because every little discount helps. :)

Today, my mom and I started creating a list for what to pack. I think next week we are going shopping for all my junk -- American Eagle finally gave me a day off. The majority of the people that I work with go to college so it's nice to ask them questions about college life, but they all leave before I do. :(

I've been working my butt off all summer saving money for a laptop and some pocket money because city life isn't cheap! Even though I work about 40 hours (or more) a week, it doesn't feel like my bank account is stocked up. Maybe because I spend too much, which is something I'm going to have to adjust to in college. No more frivolous spending, as my mom would say.

Last night my friend JV and I went out to eat, and we started talking about how excited we are to move. We talked about how we're going to miss our moms' cooking (we're both Filipino), waking up late and going to bed early in the morning, and living rent free! ha! The nice thing about the home life is that your parents are there for you 24/7 ... The biggest adjustment for me would be not being able to see them everyday. Now that we're finally getting along, it sucks that I have to leave. Oh and I'm definitely going to miss my dog, Hershey. He's the cutest little fluffball ever!

I've got this big calendar on my door which tells me how many more days before I move in. It's exciting, but also kind of sad.

College will definitely be a good change for me but I'm also nervous because it takes awhile for me to adjust to things, especially since this has been my zone for 9 years. All my life all I ever wanted to do was to have total independence, and now I think I might actually miss my parents calling me at 1 am and asking me where I am. Because in college, there are no restrictions, you're totally on your own.

Not that I'm afraid to be alone or anything, I'm just afraid of the unexpected.

Meet Angela Jimeno

I never thought the moment that I would enter college would arrive so quickly, and I still can't even begin to process it all. I will have to adjust to life without my parents by my side. Luckily, they'll only be an hour away but the time has come for me to apply everything that I've learned in the past towards the future. I'm excited to explore this new life, but I'm also sad that I'll be leaving a place that I've known for 10 years-my comfort zone.

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