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4 Tips to Combat Spring Fever

Longing for spring semester's end? Here's how to combat spring fever before it impacts your studies.

Ashley Paskill

April 08, 2016

4 Tips to Combat Spring Fever
Every year, college students across the country are ready for spring to come. However, once spring comes, students realize that they have homework to finish and a job to go to. They long to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. Spring fever hits students hard. Motivation to do homework or study diminishes to almost none. Students are distracted by the desire to be outside. However, there are ways to confront spring fever so that you can balance your studies and still enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Try the following tips to stay on top of your studies through the remainder of your spring semester:
1. Make a list of things that are due and when.
Work on each assignment in bits. For example, if you have a research paper coming up, break it into finding sources, creating an outline, and typing the paper.

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After you finish each part, take a break to blow off some steam outside. You can even break each piece into separate days if the assignment allows. Try to get your assignments done early on or on rainy days so that you can enjoy the weather outside. The sooner you get things done and out of the way, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the spring weather.

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Checking things off your list will empower and encourage you to keep getting assignments and studying done.
2. Do reading assignments outside.
Print out the assigned article or grab your textbook and find a quiet place outside to get the reading done. Find a relaxing and comfortable place where you are sure to be free from distractions. Get your favorite beverage and snack to have with you. Put some headphones in and music on to block out any noise distractions. Taking your reading assignments outside will help you get your homework done while enjoying the weather.
3. Take a study break and go for a walk.
While it is important to try to get everything done, doing it all at once is overwhelming and exhausting. Your brain becomes cloudy and you lose your train of thought of what you read or are writing. However, it is important to use breaks effectively and productively. For every hour you do homework or study, take a 15 minute walk. This allows you to clear your mind and focus. You’ll be more focused and your mind will be clearer. Also, you will get your exercise in for the day! Make sure you get back to your homework and studying though!
4. Stay ahead by scheduling tasks.
If you know you have something due or an exam at the end of the week and you know the weather will be nice the day before it is due or before the exam, get it done early in the week so that you can enjoy the nice weather without worrying that you will have the urge to just relax outside. Break up your assignments over a couple days so that you do not have to worry about cramming everything in to one day. Not only will you be ahead of the game, you will have time to enjoy the weather and outdoor activities that you love!

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