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Finishing the College Process

Here are the important steps you should take after deciding on your college choice.

Aggie Kallinicou

April 13, 2016

Finishing the College Process
Deciding where to go to college can be a momentous decision, but what you may not know is that it’s not the final step in preparing to become a student there. After deciding, follow these steps to ensure you’re not forgetting anything important.

1. Officially Commit/Pay Tuition Deposit

Posting to Facebook that you’ve finally made a decision is not the same as contacting the college and reserving a spot in the upcoming freshman class. Make sure that you do this sometime before May 1, as this is the deadline that most colleges abide by.

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Along with accepting your admission, most colleges require you to pay a portion of your tuition as a deposit. It’s usually only a couple hundred dollars, but in most cases it is nonrefundable, so don’t commit to a school unless you know for sure that’s where you’re planning to go.

2. Take Any Available Placement Tests

Most colleges offer placement tests in order for you to better understand which classes to register for. Rather than putting them off until school is finished and you have no motivation left, take them as soon as you can while the material is fresh in your mind.

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Procrastinating can cause you to click through them in a rush the night before registration opens, and this will result in poor performance. Do your best, but don’t look up the answers. The goal of these tests is to assess your current knowledge and place you into classes in which you’ll feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

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3. Register for Housing

If you’re planning to live on-campus, it’s vital that you register for housing as soon as possible. For example, I registered for housing before I even committed because the housing deposit was refundable and I didn’t want to risk not being able to live on-campus freshman year. Not all colleges guarantee housing, so it’s important to prioritize this step and register promptly.

4. Request Your Roommate

If you’ve found someone to room with, congratulations! Before coordinating your bedspreads and scouring Pinterest for cute dorm ideas, make sure that you officially request him/her through your university. Not all colleges guarantee that they can match you up with the person you request, so make sure to get your request in as soon as you can.

5. Send in AP/IB Scores

If you have any external credit that you’ve received during high school, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to use it in college. Depending on the university, you can potentially be exempt from certain classes, earn college credit, and/or place into a higher-level course. By sending your scores and/or transcripts to your university, you can save yourself a lot of extra time and money. Some people are even able to graduate early because they’ve entered college with so many credits.

6. Register for Orientation

Orientation is usually held over the summer or in the fall before classes officially start. Some universities even have a designated week for freshman to arrive on-campus before the rest of the student body to get acquainted with their surroundings and new lifestyle. Since dates fill up fast for certain schools, register for orientation as soon as you’re able to. Although your college may have more steps to enrollment, these six steps will help you to get organized and prepare for next year. Good luck, seniors!

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