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Finding a Part-Time Job to Fit Your Schedule

There are many ways to earn extra money while in college!

Kizzy Preston

August 26, 2013

Finding a Part-Time Job to Fit Your Schedule
College can be pretty hectic. Depending on how many courses you take, and extra curricular activities you are involved in, it may seem like there is little time left for a part-time job. Most students, however, need extra money while in school whether they receive financial aid or not. Extra money helps with tuition and fees, books and supplies and living expenses. Here are five time-conscious ways to earn extra money while in school:

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1. Work-study- If you do receive federal financial aid you may be awarded work-study. Work- study is a job you work on campus for a few hours per week. You are then given a paycheck which can be applied to your tuition or just used for your daily needs. Many schools try to match the student’s interests with the position they work on campus.

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When you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid , you must select that you are interested in being awarded work-study as a form of financial aid. 2. Weekend Work- It is possible to work only on the weekend! Retail stores, grocery chains, and even some light office positions can be worked on a weekend only basis.

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Try searching Monster for some of these opportunities. Working only on the weekend will not interfere with your class schedule which will be beneficial to you. 3. Paid Internship- While most internships are unpaid, there are quite a few which pay an hourly wage. This option is good because you are able to earn real world experience in your chosen career field, while earning a paycheck. Contact your career services office for internship opportunities. You may also look for internships here on Fastweb. 4. Babysitting or Tutoring- Do you work well with young children? Do you excel in a certain subject in school like, Math or English? If so, consider a part-time job as a babysitter or tutor. These are both great ways to earn extra money on your own schedule. You may look up ads for babysitters or tutors on job boards. Also, try creating flyers advertising your services and contact information or post on social media accounts that you are looking for new clients. You may also check with your student services office to see if they have any suggestions for finding people in need of tutors. 5. Retail- Whether you work as a cashier in a department store, as a barista at a coffee house, or sell books at a bookstore, retail jobs are pretty flexible with hours. When you complete your application for employment, simply list the hours you are available to work. Stores are usually open from early morning until late evening. Most retailers are very good at working with your availability. This makes it possible to fit your job around your school schedule. There are many ways to earn extra money while in college. Try some of the above tips to make working a part-time job fit easily into your schedule.

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