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Fastweb's-15-Weird-Scholarsips Article Big Hit with Students

By Leah Westfall

December 14, 2010

Fastweb's-15-Weird-Scholarsips Article Big Hit with Students
In honor of last month’s National Scholarship Month Fastweb asked members to get in touch with their weird side for a shot at some college tuition cash. The article written by a Fastweb staff writer is a compilation of 20 scholarships, found currently in Fastweb’s database of over 1.5 million, that seemed well, weird. The list includes scholarships offered for science-fiction writers, students studying parapsychology (the study of psychic abilities, near-death experiences, and life after death), members or children of The Michigan Llama Association, those associated with the American Nudist Research Library, winners of the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest and more. With comments like “Where do I submit?? All I'm made up of is weirdness,” and “ dreams are finally coming true; go wierdos,” and nearly 270,000 page views, five pages of comments and 44 “likes” on Facebook, students seem to be drawn to the chance to showcase their inner weirdo.
The article was recently featured on CBS's along with a reader's comment stating "As a college consultant, I think it is great that you brought some of these weird scholarship opportunities to the attention of high school seniors. With college costs going through the ceiling, it never hurts to try to pick up a little money here or there to at least pay for books and incidentals." The full article can be viewed here on Fastweb.

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