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Fastweb Launches 2014-2015 Student Contributors Program

Who better to talk about the student experience than students actually going through the very topics of discussion?

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 27, 2014

Fastweb Launches 2014-2015 Student Contributors Program
This September, Fastweb is launching its annual Student Contributor series. The series features articles written by students (who are also Fastweb users) on student-related experiences and issues while giving students the unique opportunity to gain writing experience and share their voice with peers through written article contributions. Articles focus on relevant student-focused issues such as the college applications and admissions processes, applying for scholarships, and high school/college student life topics.

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What does “student life” entail? Anything on a student’s mind qualifies! Topics like study tips, extracurricular activities, study abroad, standardized test prep and part-time jobs are just several examples of subjects that matter to students. After all, who better to talk about the student experience than students actually going through the very topics of discussion? This year, we’re more than a little excited about the 2014-2015 lineup!

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Fastweb sent out a Student Contributor recruitment campaign and received an unusually high volume of student applicants seeking the positions. The result? A team of student writers who are extremely qualified, motivated and are, if we do say so ourselves, one of the most talented student groups around! Even more good news?
Fastweb is excited to welcome back four familiar faces to the series:
• Laura Magerkurth, College Junior
Laura has been a Fastweb Student Contributor for 4 years (and counting!) Going through her college with her has been an awesome journey and we can't wait to see what's next!
Read Laura’s most recent article, Textbook Tips: Buying & Saving.
• Alison Graham, College Sophomore
This is Alison's 3rd year as a Fastweb Student Contributor - we're glad to have her back! We've experienced the college admissions process and going to college together - we can't wait to see what the future holds - great things, no doubt!
Check out Alison’s most recent article, Creating a Perfect Class Schedule.
• Maya Moritz, High School Senior
This is Maya's 2nd year as a Fastweb Student Contributor and we can't wait to experience senior year and the college admissions process with her!
Enjoy Maya’s most recent article, What to Expect: College Admissions in Fall/Winter.
• Jamie Vincent, College Freshman
This is Jamie's 2nd year as a Fastweb Student Contributor - experiencing of her college firsts during freshman year is going to be great!
See Jamie’s most recent article, Dealing with the Emotions of Leaving for College.
In addition to the four returning contributors, Fastweb would like to welcome eight fresh faces to the 2014-2015 Student Contributor team! That makes the grand total (just in case math isn't your strong suit) for the new student team: 12 talented, new student writers contributing articles to Fastweb which users can benefit from! The students' ages span across the high school and college spectrum, from high school junior to college senior (technically she’s a third year with college senior status, but who’s keeping track?). You can read the fresh student contributor articles, which are currently available on Fastweb now!
Fresh Student Contributor series articles include:
Advice from a Scholarship Winner (and Loser), by Samantha Starkey
College Fairs: Do’s and Don’ts, by Christina Alfaro
Should You Apply Early Admission?, by Kaitlyn Specht
Preparing for the Practice Exam: PSAT Tips, by Francesca Kavalir
Study Abroad Checklist: Be Prepared, by Sabrina McPherson
Getting a Part-time Job as a Student, by Bailey VanNatta
Balancing Academics, Extracurriculars & Your College Search, by Brady Keane
Year after year, Fastweb works to enhance the overall learning experience for our student contributors, allowing the exciting opportunity to learn more about the editorial process, in hopes to improve writing skills and to increase the student understanding of publishing web content. Moreover, becoming part of Fastweb’s Student Contributor series is an invaluable opportunity for a student to gain writing, web publishing experience and exposure – an opportunity that was extended to Fastweb users who have career interests in Creative Writing, Journalism, News Media, Publishing and related fields. Want to learn more? Get to know each of the 2014-2015 Fastweb Student Contributors through their bios and articles on Fastweb’s Student Contributor page.

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