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Do You Have One of the Worst Summer Jobs?

Fastwebbers talk about their worst summer jobs.

Do You Have One of the Worst Summer Jobs?
At Fastweb, we not only love to help students find ways to pay for school but we love to hear from students about their life experiences. Last year, we asked our Fastwebbers about their worst summer jobs and received some great feedback on the summer jobs students have had in the past. According to our poll, roughly 18% of students agreed that being a door-to-door salesperson was one of the worst summer jobs to have. In the discussion, one Fastweb member painted a vivid picture of these working conditions: “They suckered me in and I spent two weeks in the 105 degree Arizona weather, walking at least three miles for 10 hours a day from 8am to 6pm. I knocked on every door trying to sell a product nobody was interested in. At the end of two weeks and 100 hours later I finally quit and made a whole 100 bucks.” Close behind, with nearly 17% of the poll votes was farm or yard work. One Fastwebber shared their experience as a roofer, saying, “Work in the sun on a scary roof all day, get dirty and have to carry heavy shingles up and down a ladder. Then you have to clean up the roof you tore off and replaced. Sun up to sundown.”

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Find the perfect internship match on Fastweb. Start your search now. Both retail and waiting on tables claimed 13% each of the “worst summer job” responses. One member worked two waitressing jobs during the summer and said it was the worst summer ever because of a mean boss, rude customers and a hectic schedule.

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Other bad summer jobs highlighted in the poll were telemarketing and life guarding. But a majority of the poll respondents said that their worst summer jobs were those we couldn’t even dream up. Responses included jobs like taxi cab driving, factory work and ticket sales for the beautiful Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. These Fastwebbers take the cake when it comes to worst summer jobs. The taxi cab driver was nearly held up at knifepoint, the factory work required physical labor in a non-air conditioned building and the Lake Tahoe employee complained of rude, clueless customers who destroyed the gorgeous beaches of Lake Tahoe with cigarette butts.

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Can you relate? Continue to share your worst summer job stories – we’d love to hear from you!

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