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Student Life

Decisions on Greek Life

Happy rushing (or not)!

Alison Graham

January 06, 2014

Decisions on Greek Life
Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Chi, Kappa Delta Rho, Sigma Nu, Delta Delta Delta. When I first came to college, I was like, “What's up with the Chinese letters?” (Just kidding, I’m a little more informed than that!). But, going into college I really didn't know whether I wanted to be part of the Greek system. It was a tough choice for me, but I decided that I did not want to join a sorority.

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Of course to decide this, I had made a pro, con list that I would like to present now.
1. Hazing

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Many Greek houses vow that they never haze, but I've never heard of one that doesn't do it at least a little bit. Sometimes this includes just buying older members food or driving them around after a night of partying. Other times they get downright hurtful or disgusting. Many times, students hear about which houses haze the most and can avoid the ones they can’t handle, but it’s definitely something to be prepared for.

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2. Costs Fraternity and sorority houses have a lot of fees that go into them. You have to pay chapter dues that allow you to be part of the organization, and then you also pay room and board in order to live in the house, if they have one on campus. These costs can vary between different houses, but most of them are more than the cost of other housing on or off campus. Also, many sororities require certain clothes to be part of your wardrobe so that all of the members can match for different events.
3. Stereotypes Many people have stereotypes surrounding Greek organizations. Mostly that they all drink heavily, are mean, or are stupid. Most of these are not true, but people may still view you in that light. Also, different colleges may have the same Greek houses, but each one is viewed differently based on which campus you are attending. One frat could be known for being really nice on one campus and, on the other, they are the worst hazers. 4. Isolation This is just something that I've noticed, but if you rush too early, it might be harder to make friends outside of your sorority. Many colleges have rush events in the first semester, others make people wait for one semester before they decide to rush. If you rush right away, you limit yourself to the friends that you make. After joining, I've noticed that a lot of people become so engrossed in their group that they don’t have any friends outside of the Greek system.
1. Networking People that were in the same house as you all over the country will share a secret handshake and connect with you automatically. This can give you immense opportunities later in life when applying for jobs or other positions, especially if your employer was in the same house as you. 2. Good source of friendships Where would making friends be easier than a house full of people that just accepted you into their group? When you are accepted into a Greek house, you know that those people like you and want you in their group, so it’s a really easy way to make friends and have a wide net of people to hang out with. 3. Fun events The Greek system hosts some of the most fun-filled events on campus. They are always heavily involved in different athletic events, philanthropy and campus life. Joining one of these houses will almost guarantee a lot of things to do and fun to have. If you still aren't sure, I would suggest waiting a semester before you decide to rush. That would give you time to make friends both inside and outside of the Greek system and hopefully clear things up. Also, I am not in the Greek system and I haven’t ever really desired to be. It’s not for any reason other than I was just never interested and wanted to do other things. I would definitely advise getting some advice from someone who is in the Greek system. Personally, I've never met someone who wasn't absolutely in love with their house, so make sure to weigh both sides. Happy rushing (or not)!

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