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Community Living Can Save You Cash

Lauren Bayne Anderson

January 25, 2010

Community Living Can Save You Cash
When you’re on campus-- and on a budget-- community living is the way to go. When you share with your neighbors, you all benefit. You can get everything from cheap meals, to entertainment, to free textbooks and in most cases you’ll spend a few bucks – and sometimes NOTHING. It's the perfect financial plan for any student, whether you're saving up for spring break or paying all of your tuition on your own.

Here are some ideas to make community living work for you:

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  • Organize a textbook swap! When hosted at a central location on campus it’s a great way for you — and hundreds of your campus cohorts to get your textbooks for FREE. Find out more.

  • Eat for cheap. Potlucks, “potluck crawls” and barbeques are a great way to socialize — and eat — for just a few bucks. Do them once a week and they still never get old. Find out more.

  • Entertainment doesn’t have to come at a cost. From movie nights, to card tournaments to BYOB TV watching parties, these cheap ideas require a group—but not a wad of cash. Find out more.

  • Upgrade You. Tired of wearing the same old outfits? Get some new clothes without spending a dime, by organizing a clothing swap and a few other cost-saving ideas. Find out more.

  • Let Your Dorm Mates Pay You. Looking for a way to make some extra cash without getting a job? Organizing a raffle or auction in your dorm can make you some quick cash! Find out more.

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